Friday, November 06, 2009

National Socialism Is Real In USA: Get Obamacare Or Get Jail

This is not a scary, futuristic, what-might-be, sci-fi movie, folks.

This is real life. Unfortunately.

Yup. They're really nasty, those Obamacrats.

Impose this, impose that.

Resist, and go directly to jail!

They are the Obamacrat Reich.

They aim to assimilate you into the Obamacare Collective.

They aim to take away your liberty. And your money.

They say if you resist, you will be jailed for five years.

I say, look around you... and realize that resistance is NOT futile!

The Reich CAN be defeated!

Perhaps the "jail" indicated in The Bill The People Want To Kill is actually referring to any of a number of special "campuses" (they originally called them "camps", but changed the name once the scheme was reported in the New News Media) we know the Reich has been planning to construct or has been constructing.

Hmm. Of course, in jail, you don't have to buy insurance. Healthcare is free for incarcerated criminals!

But in jail, there's a price for the free healthcare, the free meals, etc. The price is your liberty.

It appears, further, that the Obamacrat Reich aims to take your liberty away just for exercising your Constitutional rights!

Life under the Obamacrat Reich will become like a prison, unless Americans make sure the Reich is declawed and defanged in '10 and completely destroyed in '12.

ht: Drudge Report