Sunday, November 08, 2009

The Hero Who Defeated The Jihadist

Kimberly Munley, American Hero

I think the Big Media and the feminist movement should be massively, loudly, proudly celebrating this hero, who happens to be a woman. I've, so far, yet to see this happen, though. Wonder how come?

On Thursday afternoon Ms Munley was doing her usual job of directing traffic on the sprawling base. By chance, she and her partner happened to walk past the Soldiers’ Readiness Processing Centre soon after Major Hasan — armed with two handguns — cornered his fellow soldiers. Soldiers who witnessed the rampage described the gunfire as continuous, methodical and well aimed.

Ms Munley succeeded in bringing him down by shooting him four times, even after being hit by a bullet that passed through both her legs, according to witnesses.


Ms Munley, the mother of a three-year-old girl, is in a stable condition, with injuries to the upper leg and thigh. General Cone said her fearless response to the gunman had saved countless lives. Trained in active-response tactics, she rushed into the building where he was shooting, and confronted him directly. Officials confirmed that she had continued firing even after being hit.
Now, this is how to deal with the enemy. When there's obviously zero possibility of merely talking the guy into giving up, you move in for the kill, period, and get 'er done.

Besides, it can be demoralizing for the woman-hating Islamic supremacist enemy to rub their nose in the reality that one of their own was defeated by a woman. Oh, Allah, whyfore hast thou forsaken us?

But I'm not at all surprised that a woman could and would do what Officer Munley has done. Of course they can! Just give 'em a gun and show 'em how to use it, and the enemy, no matter how big they are, is in serious trouble!

See, guns are the ultimate equalizer for women. A woman with a gun needn't fear a big, strong man who means to do her harm. If Ann Coulter had been able to carry a gun when she was in D.C., which, unconstitutionally, forbade handguns in public at the time, well, let's just say that that would've been one fewer male scumbag willing to attack a woman.

And an Islamic jihadist is just as much a goner whether it's a male or female counterterrorist going after them.

When an evildoer has one of these pointed at him, it's all he sees. He doesn't notice who's pointing it at him. One thing's for sure, whether he respects the person with the gun or not, he's definitely going to respect the gun!

I also like the following picture.

It would make a great poster to combat the irrational, illogical, far-leftwing "gun-control" propagandists.

And as for those on the far left who love to preach about a "woman's right to choose", well, they're hypocrites to want to deny her right to choose as below: