Saturday, November 07, 2009

Where Were The Police?

Probably too busy hunting for those nasty Christians holding Bibles across the streets from abortion slaughterhouses and homosexual events. Their mission, provided to them by their political masters: Arrest them, even if they're just exercising their rights. Disrupt them, discourage them, etc.

Too busy to arrest these Muslims (seen in the video below) for loudly, intrusively proselytizing on the street the day after the Ft. Hood terrorist attack. Despite the fact that these guys are with an Islamic hate group (and obviously Jew-hating, especially) who praised the Ft. Hood terrorist. I got the following video from that hate website, as a matter of fact, and it was obviously made by those hateful extremists.

They're with the hate website "Revolution Muslim".

(If this was in Canada, I'd ask why don't the brownshirts of the "Human Rights Commission" go over to that site, posing as Islamic supremacists, saying hateful stuff, catching hateful Muslims being hateful in their responses, and then hauling 'em before the Commission, like they tried to do to white supremacists on their sites, plus on just plain non-leftist sites they wanted to believe must've been somehow evil, too).

Of course many folks were offended. It's a foregone conclusion.

But if anyone complained, I'm sure the police have been instructed, not to remove the Muslims, but rather to protect them from opposition, just like they protect GLBT and abortion extremists from any and all opposition, even peaceful opposition.

We never see the state apparatus grant such special treatment like this for Christians who want to proselytize and preach their messages on short notice.

These haters are always proselytizing Islam on the street, as one can see from the dated videos they've got on their YouTube sidebar.

By the way, hey, the street is public property. Why are they allowed by the leftist state apparatus to violate the leftist (not Constitutional) "principle" of "separation of (house of worship) and state"? Where's the ACLU, and why aren't they going to court to get the Muslims banned from proselytizing in public places? Why only do this to Christians? Why only get crosses and monuments of the Ten Commandments removed from public? Why exempt Islamic supremacists?