Sunday, November 08, 2009

Sesame Street Wrong To Attack FOX News: Ombudsman

Well, of course the producers/writers/etc. were wrong. Although much of the mass media has already been hijacked by left-wing extremists who worship Obama and the Democrats and accept all of their policies without question, it's just reprehensible that they've also hijacked Sesame Street!

Kind of like in "Palestine", with the Hamas-produced childrens' shows that appear to hijack copyrighted American childrens' characters for the purpose of spreading hatred, contempt and inciting deadly violence against not only Israel, but also against all Jewish people. Simply reprehensible and detestable.

It's one thing to hijack prime time shows watched by older kids and adults.

It's another thing entirely to hijack childrens' shows for dishonest propaganda attack purposes!

I'd be really disappointed to find out that Big Bird, Grover, the Snuffle-upagus, Bob, Luiz, Maria, Gordon, etc., etc... are all left-wing extremists who brainlessly believe in everything the Obamacrat Reich utter and do.

People are rightly pissed!

The PBS Ombudsman says:
“I don’t know what was in the head of the producers, but my guess is that this was one of those parodies that was too good to resist. But it should have been resisted. Broadcasters can tell parents whatever they think of Fox or any other network, but you shouldn’t do it through the kids.”
And now I betcha some parents will no longer allow their kids to watch Sesame Street, as they believe that Sesame Street is as leftist as the Big Old Media:
The majority of viewers seem to agree. According to polls conducted by AOL's Pop Eater sixty two percent of voters feel that "Sesame Street" has a liberal slant.
Shame on the Left. Acting like Hamas and hijacking childrens' programming to spread hate propaganda against others.

This reminds me of the reality that many schools across America are also having sexual-extremism propagandists do a lot of lecturing to small children about sexuality, and that they're going far beyond the pale in so doing, and that parents aren't being warned beforehand. Of course, many are unaware of this because the Big Old Media refuses to let the cat out of the bag. Probably spending too much time teabagging each other to do their job!

It also reminds me of Obama's so-called "safe schools czar", militant sexual-extremism propagandist Kevin Jennings... but that's another story which I've been covering already and am sure I will in the future... a story the Big Old Media is trying to cover up whilst FOX News will tell it like it is about that dangerous extremist.