Saturday, November 07, 2009

Aftermath Of Ft Hood Terrorist Attack

Ok, so here's the CTV talking about the aftermath of the terrorist attack at Fort Hood a couple of days ago.

Pretty standard, politically-correct stuff. It focuses on the feelings of shocked people who didn't see this coming, and on "officials" and "authorities" saying soothing, profound-sounding things. Well, of course, that's necessary.

But when one finishes reading that article, one is left asking, "But... what about learning a lesson from what happened? What about what we have learned from this?".

That's what has to be talked about.

I don't have to state the obvious.

And the obvious is that Islam today is far, far too frequently a primary cause of mental disorder leading to violence, such as we saw the other day at Ft. Hood.

Islamists in the military is a serious issue. Politically incorrect to bring it up, but, hey, you know, society, the Big Media and the "authorities" and "officials" have brought up uncomfortable, and usually invalid, questions about Christians and Jews, right? We've heard them pretty much pointing fingers, using words such as "Christian fundamentalists" and "Zionists", blaming Christians and Jews as entire groups, pretty much, for bad things that happen, even when it's not the fault of Christianity/Judaism, and is someone else's or something else's fault.

We see the state apparatus, Big "News" Media and Hollywood bashing JudeoChristianity all the time, not necessarily blatantly and too obviously, but we know they're trying to do it a lot. We can tell. Many of us, anyway- those of us who aren't distracted from paying attention and thinking extensively about what's observed, detecting unmistakable, reality-indicating patterns of instance over time.

We KNOW that Islam is being used as a sort of weapon of mass destruction, with brainwashing techniques widespread worldwide, utilized by those who only seek to USE Islam, grossly reinterpreted, with the scary, evil parts taken literally and indoctrinated into millions of vulnerable, impressionable minds. And thereby directed towards those they wish to defeat, perhaps not quickly, but over time, ie. like an Axis-of-Evil (it's bigger, with more members, than Bush indicated) nation using Islam and brainwashed pawns to gradually weaken the Free World, including Israel and America and their human rights-respecting-and-defending allies...

Unfortunately, such extreme, bastardized indoctrination techniques are so widespread throughout the world, happening in mosques everywhere, including in the Free World, protected by the shield of such stealth-jihadists as we know the CAIR et al to be, what with their automatic, designed-to-intimidate-and-silence, Big Media talking points including such terms as "Islamophobia", as if there's something wrong with being afraid of the potential (which is being used so bloody much) of Islam as a vehicle to reprogram people into hating and killing machines, often in service, in reality, not to Islam/Allah, but rather to regimes that actually persecute their Muslim minorities at home. For example, the USSR/Russia has, for decades, been using the "Palestinians" to try to wear down/get rid of Israel, which is a nation of freedom, democracy, the rule of law and human rights, and which, as an American ally, is a barrier to Russia's and other evil regimes' imperialist goals in the Middle East as a great strategic geographical area especially rich in energy resources (wouldn't Hitler have done the same shit if he'd thought of it and decided that the "furtherance and worldwide spread of the glorious supremacy of the Third Reich" would be best served patiently, rather than via a quick world war?).

Politically incorrect, yes, it is, to question and criticize both Islam as originally (and still, just like 1.500 years ago, the days of atrocious barbarianism, etc.) written and the ways in which it's interpreted and abused by so many, including both Islamic and non-Islamic states, for sinister purposes. But question and criticize we must, including the state apparatus's and Big Media's dhimmitude-soaked submissive treatment of this still-imperialist, supremacist, dangerous ideology.

How can we help to reduce incidents of terror and violence such that we witnessed recently at Ft. Hood?

We must start by dropping our polite, submissive delusions and myths and GET REAL.