Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Obamacare Bill Creates 111 New Bureaucracies

So that's where the money will go- bureaucracies to employ loyal, submissive Obamacrats, rather than directly to saving lives and alleviating suffering.

That's what it's really about: BIG GOVERNMENT!

Bureaucracy is a huge consumer of healthcare dollars. We in Canada know this very well.

Obviously the special, chosen, fatassed bureaucrats are so important that it's more important to make them ever happier and happier in their make-work jobs than it is to help the sick and injured and to save lives.

That's socialism.

Ok, changing track now...

By the way, here's a cool LOLcat-type pic I found online...

Even kitties wanna see Bamma's REAL Bee Cee!

Really. It's not a dumb thing... the guy's in the frickin' White frickin' House, fer fricksake!.
And we do NOT know whether he, in fact, actually conforms to the Constitution's Eligibility Clause respecting the requirement that a valid, legitimate, constitutional President MUST have been born on American soil.
Was Obama? This has yet to be determined.
Which begs the question:
How the hell did Obama get into the White House without all of his qualifications being verified???
Those who believe that it was all verified, well, I ask them to prove it. Got a link to proof of verification? Sorry, the "Certification of Live Birth" uttered by the Obama camp is invalid and has been deemed a fraud.

Meanwhile, look at how much bigger Obama's making the government. That's the "change"!