Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Delusional Moonbat Spotlight: Heather Mallick

Hard-Left Hardass Heather Mallick

Remember when Heather Mallick went nuts like many in the Big Old Media and Hollyweird, and uttered utterly nonsensical insanities about Sarah Palin?

Well, it's time to put her into the straitjacket again.

Let's see...

She's a ClimateGate denier who says that George "Moonbat" Monbiot is a "hero" of hers.

She calls the Harper Conservative government "hard-right". Whatever does she mean? Ah, hell, those brain-screwy Leftists call everyone who's not a brain-screwy Leftist like them "hard-right". Sometimes they try to act "sophisticated" and accuse us of being practitioners of something called "teabagging" (of course, some of them are the pot calling the kettle black, like Anderson Cooper, who started the slur).

Get a load of her bizarre, hard-left propaganda:
Out of something as misty as mere indecision, Canadian voters have turned their country into a political freak show. Canada's Conservative government, run by an ideologue named Stephen Harper, does not represent Canadian voters on saving the air we breathe and temperatures we can cope with. When it comes to climate change, Canadians are as earnest and decent as they ever were.
Hello, Heather? the whole climate change thing... it's debunked. Totally. It's over. We are NOT destroying the planet. Hello? Hello?

Her brain hung up. Apparently it does that when inconvenient truth threatens it.

She continues to demonstrate her apparent hard-left mental disorder:
Yes, Canada's record on carbon emissions is disgraceful, shameful, loathsome etc. The tar sands of northern Alberta are an international scandal. But the problem is not in a former Prius of a country turning into a Hummer. Canada's dilemma is much more interesting that that. It is the decline of a democracy (partly as its media died, thank you Conrad Black) and the descent of a nation into a political stasis, and it could happen to any country that doesn't mind the political store. What takes place when a nation can't decide on a government and lets a rightwing minority, quivering with hate, have just enough power?
"Quivering with hate"? Hoo-boy! This one doesn't hold back with the crap-chucking, does she? Most of her cronies just call us "teabaggers" and other vulgar stuff. Bashing Conrad Black. So cliche for Leftists. But blaming him for the death of the media? Um, but the Big Old Media is still there, so I'm afraid she's pinning a homicide that didn't happen on Lord Black. However, I'll concede that the Big Old Media is killing itself, thanks to crazies like you, Heather honey.

The insanity continues...
Second, Canadians are still smart and decent. Only the government hews to the party line. On every issue, from abortion rights to rendition for torture to fair treatment of non-white citizens who had the temerity to take a holiday and can't come home because they lost weight and don't quite look like their passport photo, Harper is determined to turn Canada into America-lite. He doesn't mean the America of Obama. He means the America of Ronald Reagan and George Bush, with its private affluence and public squalor.
Hmm. Abortion "rights". How standard, cliche, a must-mention. Torture? What, is she accusing the government of torturing people? Like, without evidence? Shame! What a smear! "Treatment of non-white citizens"? Here we go yet again with the subtle accusation of racism. Sheesh! Bashing Reagan and Bush, as if they were the same, which they weren't. My, how standard-hard-Left and ignorant. Refusing to bash Obama; how standard hard-Left.

What a hard-left nut. Sheesh. If I had a left nut like Heather Mallick, I'd have it surgically removed. One nut's enough. That's why guys have two- one as a backup in case the other becomes diseased or otherwise messed-up.

Is it any wonder the People are running away from the hard-left Big Old Media in droves?

There's a comments section under Heather's piece (I wouldn't want to get under her piece- she'd probably fart on me for not being a Leftist!), in case you wish to tell her you disagree with her.

Dunno what the Guardian sees in her. What, is the Guardian as Leftist as the CBC? Or are they just not vetting her pieces?

Speaking of embarrassment, Heather Mallick should be embarrassed. But, as with all douchebags, she carries on with her douchebaggery without regard to how she looks to others. Hey, she's not married to Warren Kinsella, is she? Is she Warren Kinsella's sister? Is she Warren Kinsella in drag?

UPDATE: Charles Adler calls moonbat Mallick "One very weak Canadian".

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