Monday, December 07, 2009

LibLeader Ignatieff Lame Duck, Commie Rae Rising

The knives are out now for Michael Ignatieff.
Last year at this time, the Liberals were trying to get rid of Stéphane Dion and put themselves in the hands of their saviour, Michael Ignatieff. After 12 months, they believe that Bob Rae, the former NDP premier of Ontario now turned Liberal, is the new saviour.
Bob Rae. Mr. Deficit. Mr. Debt. The ultra-far-left-wing former ultra-far-left-wing NDP premier of Ontario.

Now apparently the next ultra-far-left-wing leader of the ultra-far-left-wing Liberal Party of Canada.


Mr. Skinny Dipper will next lead the Liberals!

Mr. Skinny Dipper, wannabe King of the Trash Heap called the "Liberal Party"!

Unfortunately, as you can see from the picture below, the Wannabe Emperor has no clothes! Bob's the guy on the right, literally, not figuratively. The other guy? He's from the CBC; some guy named Rick Mercer. Don't ask me why they're naked.

The picture below? That's the Liberal Party. Bob Rae wants to be on top of it.

I thought a trash heap would be a less vulgar image than a crap heap.