Monday, December 07, 2009

Obamacrat EPA: CO2 'Public Health Threat'

Now we know they're NUTS.

Nothing good can possibly come of this.

It's insane. It's brainless. It's whacked. It's fecked-up.

What do you expect from the Lunatic Left?

Next thing you know, they'll burn down the Capitol and impose martial law, blaming opponents of the Reich, who are actually the majority of Americans now.

No surprise, either, that they're ClimateGate deniers. They deny it matters that the whole thing's been debunked, and are forging ahead with whatever hidden agenda they've got.

They're using a demonstrated hoax as a basis for who knows what. Controlling Americans' lives, obviously. Controlling the economy.

It's fascism. It smacks of Third Reich tactics.
"It's certainly reckless considering the underlying science now has been very much called into question," Issa said Monday. "The inconvenient truth is not Al Gore's movie. The inconvenient truth is that people who had an agenda destroyed the facts to get an outcome."
It's not proven. The case isn't made. Yet the Reich is forging ahead.
Business groups have strongly argued against tackling global warming through the regulatory process of the Clean Air Act. Any such regulations are likely to spawn lawsuits and lengthy legal fights.
Great. Excellent. Wonderful.

It's the HopeChangery thing in action.

I predict nothing but chaos in America as the Obamacrat Reich forges ahead with its bizarre, ominous, dangerous, hidden-but-becoming-more-apparent agenda.

By the way, where's the birth certificate? Really, only idiots believe that that fraudulent document uttered by the Obamacrats is the "birth certificate", for those in the know understand it isn't.

Why is it that the Obamacrats call those who want proof of Obama's being eligible for Office of President "crackpots" and so on?

I mean, look who the real crackpots are. The Obamacrat Reich folks.

They're saying that a naturally-occuring, and essential-to-all-life-on-earth gas, carbon dioxide, is a public health threat! They're insane, mad, mad, mad!

See? "Progressivism" is a MENTAL DISORDER.

And America is under the fascist dictatorship of a "progressives".

Anyone who trusts the Obamacrat Regime is ignorant and/or has a mental disorder themselves.

God help America.