Saturday, December 05, 2009

Liberals Hypocritical Again

About this.

"Illegal"? No, because no laws were broken.

"Injurious"? Hey, the truth hurts. And the truth is that Liberals don't stand up for Israel and for the Jewish People as much as do the Conservatives. No doubt about that. Plus the Liberal Party still has a barely-hidden anti-Jewish element which they're doing nothing to identify, confront and get rid of.

Hey, Irwin, if it's "profiling", well, no one has to take any lessons from the Pot Calling the Kettle Black.

We know Liberals do it all the time. They always have.

Now they're mad that someone else dares to look as if they might be doing it too, not that they necessarily are.

But if they are, hey, since when has it been wrong? Only since the Liberals lost power?

Yup. Only Liberals and Democrats and other Leftist political parties are allowed to do it.

Heaven forbid any non-Leftist parties dare to even do anything that might raise illogical, irrational accusations that they're doing it, too.

Besides, no lies were told. Only the inconvenient truth about Liberals practicing profiling themselves!!!

At least this time we know that Warren Kinsella isn't the one responsible for this latest outburst of Liberal hot air. He's been replaced by Peter Donolo, who dared to do what "Leader" Michael Ignatieff couldn't.

So it would appear, therefore, that Warren Kinsella wasn't THE problem, but rather just the most clownish, douchebaggy, loudest, inyerface example.