Wednesday, December 09, 2009

But Why's It Ok When Obama Does It?

This sort of thing?

Really, that's nothing compared to the sort of massive propaganda operations for Obama and his policies paid for by American taxpayers.

Methinks the Globe and Mail is just throwing unfair poopers at the Conservatives... just because they're not Leftists.

Besides, the Big Old Media is always distorting the Tory PM's message.

So it's reasonable to improve communications to help the Big Old Media to better understand the message.

What's wrong with that?

The People want to understand what's being said by the government. So it makes sense to help the middlemen to better understand so as to better report to the People.

Of course, there's no guarantee that the Big Old Media won't just continue to distort the truth and try to mess with the Peoples' Minds.

Going thru the list, one says to oneself, "So what? All governments do this. It's normal and routine. They're just making a big deal to make it look like a non-leftist government is spending money it shouldn't, whereas they don't care when leftist regimes do it! Gimme a break!".

Besides, here's a very good message from the government regarding the Big Old Media's bullshittery:

“The media can't have it both ways,” Mr. Soudas recently told CBC.

“They can't criticize us for not providing enough information, and then criticize us for providing too much information.”