Monday, December 07, 2009

Stop Apologizing To Islam

Tawfik Hamid, Reformist Muslim, tells it like it is. (Read it all)

Ignoring a problem or trying to find justification for the problem instead of confronting it can only make things worse. For example, the outcome would be disastrous if someone disregarded the start of a fire in his house, or a doctor ignored the beginning signs of cancer in the body.

Overwhelming evidence supports the view that a radical and lethal form of Islam has been growing in the Muslim world since the late '70s. The Iranian Islamic revolution, the application of inhumane Shariah rules in several parts of the Muslim world, and the growing threat of Islamic terrorism are concrete evidence of a rising major threat to the world's security and harmony.

Failure to recognize and confront this threat (or Islamism) at its early stages has resulted in several devastating consequences, such as Sept. 11 and the many other atrocities radical Muslims have perpetrated all over the world.

Some apologists thought that ignoring the ideological component of the problem of Islamic radicalism would appease the Muslim world and prevent a possible clash of civilizations. However, by adopting such a defenseless attitude, the apologists actually made things worse and increased the possibility for such a culture collision.

Yep. Political correctness is dangerous. It must be ended, and Islamic Supremacism confronted and combated and eradicated, just like white supremacism has been.

After all, ignoring hatred, intolerance, supremacism and violence will NOT make it go away.