Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Shocking Poll Shows Tea Party More Popular Than GOP

There's no such political party as the Tea Party. It's only a grassroots movement.

Yet the Tea Party is more popular as a hypothetical political party than is the Republican Party.
Tens of millions of Americans are looking for strong leadership to stand up to the Obama-Reid-Pelosi leftwing onslaught. Instead, the Republican Party is giving them the same shilly-shally two-step that cost it a majority in Congress, and the Oval Office. Looks like the American people are telling the GOP in no uncertain terms, 'Lead, follow -- or get out of the way.'"
Americans don't want what the Left calls "moderation", because "moderation" is code for the extreme, revolutionary crap the Obamacrats are imposing onto them.

The leadership of the GOP needs to understand that Obamacrat-style "moderation" isn't the answer, isn't the way to go.

The answer is to give the People what they're demanding. Period.

In other words, the Republican Party must turn "hard right".