Sunday, December 06, 2009

Coverup Of Obvious Islamic Terrorist 'Dry Run' On Airliner

Story here.

Shh! Nothing to see here. Move along! Mustn't say anything about the Muslims, no matter how clearly frighteningly and threateningly they behave!

Emphasis mine...

"Over the next 30 minutes officials from AirTran started arriving at the gate, flashing their badges and going down to the plane," Robinson said. "After 6-7 officials exited the door, suddenly it flew open and 12-15 people from the flight hurried off the plane. Anger and fear was etched on their faces as they jerked their carry-ons and tore into their computer bags to schedule another flight out of Atlanta."


"One gentleman confronted the gate agent demanding his luggage be removed from the flight. As I spoke to him, he related that when Flight 297 left the concourse the first time, it began taxiing to take off. Then approximately 12 men of Middle Eastern appearance stood up and began dancing and singing in an Arabic dialect," the chaplain relates.

"They refused to be seated when directed to do so by the flight attendants. Then, the singing stopped and some of the men took out their cell phones and began taking pictures of the other individual passengers. Again, the men were ordered to be seated by the flight crew and refused while continuing to take their pictures. Next, the de‐boarded passenger related that a few of the men gestured with imaginary guns as their fingers, indicating with their triggering action that they would shoot the people on the plane," Robinson explains.

Robinson continues, "The flight crew declared an emergency, and the plane returned to the concourse. The 12 men were taken to another area of the airport and questioned. It is my understanding that their luggage was removed and checked. Then, 10 of the men were allowed to get back on the plane. That's when the 12-15 passengers decided that they wanted to get off that plane and take other flights. This ordeal had gone on approximately 2 hours to this point."
WTF?! They let those dry-running Islamic Supremacist terrorists get back on the plane despite the way they behaved, creating apprehensions of terror amongst the passengers?!

Hey! I guess now it's ok to yell "fire!" in a crowded theater, too! Or to yell, "I've got a bomb!" on a plane, or to simply make people think you're about to conduct another 9/11...

But these criminal Muslims weren't charged for their criminal behavior. Of course not. They're Muslims, after all, and we're forbidden to hold Muslims to the same standards of legal behavior as we do ourselves...

Welcome to Obamerica. Indeed, things are a-changing, alright!

Obviously the Islamic Supremacist terrorists (what the feck else are they- they terrorized the passengers!) accomplished their fact-finding mission. Now they know that they can get away with such behavior, no problem.

Read the rest. There's more to the story. The guy who told WND what happened then boarded the plane, as he was waiting to do so...

He went to check out the terrorists in the back of the plane, who spoke only Arabic. Guess what, folks? The terrorists were LAUGHING!