Sunday, November 01, 2009

Unhinged, Extreme Left Rumors, Dirt-Fishing Quests Against Palins

Sarah Palin: The next President of the United States, probably.
She won't surrender America to The Enemy.
She won't impose neo-communism upon Americans.
She won't take anyone's rights away.
But Obama's doing all of those things.
Sarah Palin will right the wrongs of the Obama Attack on America.
His ouster can't come fast enough!
Sarah! Sarah! Sarah!

This guy should also go after Obama, but I guarantee he won't. He sounds a lot like the obsessively anti-Conservative Stevie Cameron who wrote the smear book, "On The Take", about former Prime Minister Brian Mulroney and left the crooked Liberal years of Chretien-Martin wholly untouched.
Sarah Palin's unwanted biographer, Joe McGinniss, doesn't buy rumors that she and her husband, Todd, may split -but if there is trouble in that marriage, he promises to find it.
Why doesn't he look for Obama's REAL birth certificate instead? Isn't he curious? Does he really believe that the fraudulent document uttered by the Obama campaign is the "birth certificate"? Doesn't he realize that it isn't, and that Hawaii claims they have it under lock and key and that they're forbidden by Obama himself to let anyone see it?

Joe McGinniss. Hell, he might as well be the neo-communist Joe McCarthy!
As for reports of infidelity, he says, "I'm not intending to write a salacious book about Sarah Palin's sex life. But if it's true, I'll find out."
Why not go after the Obamas, too? Now that would be something. But, of course, he knows full well what happens to people who cross the Obamas and other Democrats. There's no telling what those bastards will figure out to do with him. They'll always come up with something. So he goes after good people instead.
"A lot of people don't like her as much now that she's quit," he says. "And now that she's not the governor, she doesn't have the power of retribution she had before."
Well, guess what, Joe? The majority of Americans don't particularly like Obama. Of course, he's so powerful compared to Sarah Palin that you won't dare cross him, right? You don't want to get beaten to a pulp by thugs from the SEIU or ACORN or the New Black Panthers, I surmise.

He says that Palin isn't going away.

Guess what? I agree with him.

And he's in for big surprises in the future. He doesn't see it coming, and neither does the ObaDeMedia Complex. Because the Leftists, well, their intelligence is limited, precisely because they're Leftists... it's part of the mental disorder of Leftism- voluntarily limited intelligence.

But, of course, we won't give away our battle plan. Let them keep guessing, like Peter Donolo, new Chief of Staff to the discredited Canadian Liberal Leader Michael Ignatieff. Things are far, far different now than they were five, ten, fifteen years ago, after all. We have learned much, and learning to win electoral and communications wars is part of politics, after all, so...

Anyway, I don't think that this Joe guy poses any more of a threat to Sarah Palin than the odd Hollyweird zombie sent onstage in front of cameras to engage in a fiery, spittling diatribe of irrational, unfounded hatred against Mrs. Palin, who's actually far, far cleaner and has much less real baggage than most politicians!

By the way, those who hate Sarah Palin are just woman-haters and Christian-haters. They're also America-haters and freedom-and-responsibility-haters. They irrationally fear and loathe conservatives because they know that under conservatism, as opposed to neo-communism, they'll have to... work!

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