Sunday, November 01, 2009

Canadian Muslim Woman Faces Death If Deported To Pakistan

Just like Muslim-to-Christian convert Rifqa Bary faces death if forced to return to her family, especially if also forced to be deported to Sri Lanka with them.

Little-reported (why is the Big Liberal Media so hateful... WHY?!) story here.

ht: NNW

A Brampton woman who claims she'll be a victim of an honour killing if deported to Pakistan will open the door for other women to seek refuge if she's allowed to stay here, her lawyer says.

Roohi Tabassum, 44, claims she will be killed by her ex-husband because she left him and came to Canada and works as a hairsytlist touching men's hair. He is also outraged that she may have a boyfriend, which she denies.

"This is a landmark case and a lot of people are awaiting the outcome," her Toronto lawyer Max Berger said recently.


Berger said there other people in similar situations who may file refugee claims.

He appeared before a Federal Court of Canada judge last Wednesday seeking a judicial review to kill the deportation order issued against Tabassum. The judge will issue a written decision in weeks.

"Honour killings are well known in Pakistan," Berger said.

Of course, the "progressives" and the Big Liberal Media will wrongly, hatefully dismiss it as "Islamophobia" or something.

Canada has a long tradition of granting refugee status and asylum to people from all over the world. Why should we abandon this tradition of caring and compassion just to appease murderously hateful Islamic supremacists?

Listen up now.

There is a very serious situation with respect to Islamic supremacists in the Free World. These people come to our country, bringing with them their culture of intolerance, hatred, misogynism, homophobia... and violence, including deadly violence.

We need to protect the innocent. We cannot deport Roohi Tabassum to Pakistan, as her Islamic supremacist husband will kill her for violating Shariah Law.

Islamic "honor killings" are a growing problem in Canada as well as in the Islamic World. We must understand this, no matter how the likes of CAIR-Can and the Canadian Islamic Congress will bellow, "Islamophobia! Hate! Racism!" and complain to the dhimmitude-soaked "Human Rights" Commissions and so on and so forth.

It's time to deal with it. NO ONE can be allowed to thumb their noses at Canadian values and laws and get away with it.

We must educate all immigrants, just like we educate everyone born in Canada, in what it means to be Canadian, in our laws, our tolerance imperatives, etc. Immigrants, like Canadian-born citizens, must also be required to understand that they must submit to the laws of the land or else. Violation of the laws, violation of others' human and equality rights... will not be tolerated when commited by anyone, period. This includes Islamic supremacists who hate women!

We can't deport obvious potential victims of violence motivated by Islamic suprmacist hatred... we simply cannot. Sure, we can deport terrorists, spies and other criminals, but not innocents facing death according to Shariah Law.