Sunday, November 01, 2009

Withdrawn RINO Proves Herself Leftist, Endorses Demmie

Another Leftist who apparently went to the Republican Party only for the purpose of infiltration and watering-down of its traditional-American, conservative policies.

Incredibly, she endorsed the Democrat. The Democrat! Really, anyone who wants to belong to the Dems needs to have their head examined by a team of psychiatrists working around the clock!

The stuff she says about the Demmie, trust me- it's all talking points given to her by a Democrat spin doctor. Don' t pay any attention to that neo-communist spy in the GOP.

Some in the GOP say she's too moderate. But what they don't realize is that conservatives are the true moderates whilst the leftists are extreme.

And Valerie Jarrett, dubbed by Front Page Mag as "the next Van Jones", who's an ueber-extreme neo-communist revolutionary herself, adds her unbelievable spin:
"It's rather telling when the Republican Party forces out a moderate Republican and it says, I think, a great deal about where the Republican Party is right now," she said.
Well, Valerie, it's rather telling when the Democratic Party forces out a moderate Democrat (Joe Lieberman) and it says, I think, a great deal about where the Democratic Party is right now.

Boyoboy... it's just too easy to neutralize what those pots keep saying about the kettles. All we got to do is mimick them. If we're challenged to prove what we say, which is identical to what they said, then we just need to tell our challengers, "Well, those guys said the same thing first, and they didn't even bother to begin to prove it, so before you demand that we back up what we said, first demand it of them!".

Isn't it amazing how those neo-communist revolutionary militants can get away with saying the most ridiculous things about their political-ideological counterparts? Of course, the Big Old Media, which is controlled by the same behind-the-curtain, immoral, unethical white billionaires who control Obama and the Democratic Party right now, won't do any "fact-checking" on their comrades.

But the People aren't being fooled anymore, not like they've been in the past. The People have been shell-shocked into sudden lucidity and coherence by the unexpected Pearl Harbor Presidency of Obama and have declared electoral war on the Far Left. Just watch the People now...