Friday, December 04, 2009

They'll Have To Shut Up About Tiger Woods Now protect Obama's image, now that there's an inconvenient issue of a golf magazine with both Tiger and Barry-O on the cover.

OMG- Was Tiger also doing Obama?!

Looks almost like Obama's "taking the tip" from Tiger, doesn't it?

Next thing you know, he'll be in an odd pose with some dude on the cover of Teabag Magazine.

I'd like to see the Obama Propaganda Machine try to claim that Obama and the Bill Clinton-esque Tiger aren't buddies, mindful of the reality that Obama's already associated with, well, controversial characters, and that such associations tend to be politically inconvenient...

By the way, look at Obama's hat. It has the Obama logo on it. Obviously that's a photo-op/political advertisement. Kind of like if Bush had been pictured with a popular figure, and was wearing a hat with a "W" on it... and then the magazine came out just as an unfortunate controversy heated up about that other figure...

Of course, Tiger does have an alternative. He could make up a story about being gay, and that his wife discovered that he'd been meeting guys in public bathrooms for inappropriate conduct, and that she bashed him for it. Then the Big Old Media will get all sympathetic towards Tiger the meek, harmless, vulnerable gay guy and will demand that his awful, racist, homophobic wife be prosecuted for a horrific anti-gay hate crime. Then Obama's standing in the gay community will improve as a result of being seen with Tiger (especially with Tiger standing right behind him in an almost sodomistic pose), even though right now the militant homosexual lobby is pissed off at Obama for not fulfilling his promises to elevate them in a bunch of ways...

Ah, just being funny. Some won't be amused, though... but at least I'm no worse right now than something one might see on "The Family Guy" or "South Park"...

Anyway, couldn't help myself... just had to say some stuff. Too good an opportunity to pass up. Just had to do a post...

UPDATE: Again, can't help myself. Just gotta!

The last paragraph of the article reads:
(...) the issue focuses on how the Obama administration should embrace golf due to the positive impact of the game on the economy.
I say:

Ah! So that's how come Obama's been playing so damn much golf... much, much more than Bush played. To have a positive impact on the economy! Hey, folks... let's all go and play golf! Take the day off from work or close your business for the day and just go hit the links! Hell, better yet, quit your job, or at least don't do any actual work... just go and play golf and America's problems will magically get solved as a result!

RELATED: Huffington Post engages in conspiracy theorism re Tiger Woods.

And they get hypocritical, too. Typical Leftists.

But... Despite its own conspiracy theorism, the HuffPoo, in another post, bashes Sarah Palin for saying it's ok to ask to see Obama's birth certificate. Yet again the Left cites a Democratic Party-linked organization, "FactCheck", and its invalid so-called "debunking" of the question as to whether those authorities responsible for verifying Obama's constitutional eligibility compliance actually did their job, and to see proof. claims to have seen the original, authentic birth certificate. But the fact is that the original, authentic birth certificate is supposed to be under lock and key by the State of Hawaii, who says they cannot let anyone see it without the order from Obama to do so. Whatever they saw, I don't know. I think they're either very guillible or very dishonest.

What FactCheck's referring to is an alleged "Certification of Live Birth", a condensed document which was issued for babies born anywhere in the world, and which Hawaii refuses to authenticate as authentic. So I guess I'm fact checking the so-called "".

Besides, who made the Supreme Authority on That Which Is and That Which Is Not?

Sheesh. The HuffPoo really stinks. No wonder it's a Leftist blog run and read by Leftists who don't know better.

Yes, indeed. There are blogs out there that're run by crackpots. Sometimes they actually get frequently referenced by the Big Old Media as if credible.