Friday, December 04, 2009

Lazy, Selfish Health "Care" "Workers" Ignore Heart Attack Victim

In Middleton, N.S.

Bear in mind that they belong to unions, which are hard-left and aren't above striking and holding the sick, injured, suffering and dying hostage for ransom.

HALIFAX, N.S. - An elderly woman with a cane and a heart condition was told to bring her husband into a Nova Scotia hospital on her own or call 911 after he suffered a heart attack 10 metres from the facility's front door, the couple's son said Friday.

Patrick Smale said his 81-year-old father began having chest pains last weekend and drove to the Soldiers Memorial Hospital in Middleton, about two hours outside Halifax.

Smale said his mother, who doesn't drive and has had two heart valve replacements, went inside the hospital to get help because her husband was unable to walk on his own due to the pain.

She was told by hospital staff that they couldn't come out and she should bring him in herself or call 911, Smale said.

WTF?! They were just outside!!!

Fecking assholes, those so-called health "care" "workers". How lazy can they get?

Another one of those "union things".

"Union things" are obviously more important to at least those particular hospital staffers than is human life.

Imagine how much more worse it'll be under Obamacare and the Death Panels. If the Canadian socialist healthcare system can be so uncaring and mean-spirited and hateful towards the elderly, imagine how horrific it'll be under Obamacare!

Allowing the medical system to be unionized isn't in the Public Interest and places the "rights" of hospital staff higher than the rights of patients. Therefore we must ban healthcare unions.