Friday, December 04, 2009

Racist Leader Sides With AG Holder Re No Prosecution For Racial Intimidation

Remember this?

Yup. Those two racist thugs, armed with sticks, standing in front of a polling station during the '08 Presidential Election, uttering racist bullshit, preventing white voters from entering to vote.

Well, the leader of the militant racist group to which the two racist thugs belong is siding with the Obamacrat Reich's refusal to prosecute them for their felonies and hate crimes.

"Weak case"? Bullshit. You saw the evidence for yourself. If they were white supremacists instead, then do you think the "Justice" Department of the Obamacrat Reich would refuse to prosecute them for intimidating black voters and depriving them of their civil right to vote? Feck, no!

UPDATE: Apparently that wasn't an isolated incident. Seems this racism and white-vote-prevention is quite a problem... And why didn't the police do a damn thing? Why'd they just sit in their cruiser whilst they were aware of the felonies and hate crimes taking place? Were they just there to protect the racists and arrest the dirty whities if they got too uppity?

If it had been whites telling blacks they aren't going to be allowed to vote, well, you just know that there'd be an incredible uproar, and Obama would be on the warpath against a "growing crisis of white supremacism in America"...

But when you've got dark skin, you get to tell the fecking honkies to feck off on voting day...

Yup. There's a LOT of racism in America. And the state apparatus clearly is sanctioning it.