Thursday, December 03, 2009

Obamacrats Eyeing State Bailout & Control Of Newspapers

Looks like they're salivating at the prospect of using the Peoples' Money to bail out failing Big Old Media rags and gaining even greater, more direct, editorial control over them, as they've already gained significant control of American automakers and banks.

Clearly they're pursuing a Chavez-like national-socialization agenda.
"We cannot risk the loss of an informed public and all that means because of this market failure,"
"Informed public"? Surely the Obamacrats really mean a brainwashed-by-The-Message-public, and are really speaking in euphemistic code with weasel words like "informed", which really means lied-to. And phrases like "market failure" are obviously phrases popular with communists who hate the free market and who don't want it to work and who want to have government run everything.

Really, there's no need to bail out the Big Old Papers. In fact, without the Big Old Media, our information, understanding and democracy will actually be better off, because the Big Old Media is now known very widely to be untrustworthy and agenda-obsessed, and it shows in its reporting choices and delivery semantics and tone. Besides, with the New News Media's advent, particularly online, there's far, far more news and information out there for one to browse, a wonderful change from the olden days when we had no choice but to be brainwashed and kept in the dark by what little was avilable.

(...) government's going to have to be involved (...)
Again, their own words shed light on their agenda. Government control this, government control that...

I say forget it. We don't need those lying Big Old Media propaganda rags. And we don't need some assholes confiscating our money to bail 'em out, either.

I say let the free market work. It clearly is, as the consumers are sending all the right signals by migrating from the worthless to the worthy.

ht: Drudge Report