Thursday, December 03, 2009

'A Load Of Hot Air Underpinned By Fraud' the whole global warming/climate change/it's our fault and we gotta shut down the Free World and have our money taken away and our lives controlled by government so as to save the world thing that's been going on for a while now, spearheaded by greedy snake oil salesmen like Al Gore pushing a ridiculous scam financial product (as-worthless-as-the-paper-they're-printed-on "trading credits") originally conceived by the con artists at Enron.

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“In the past we have had rapid and significant climate change with temperature changes greater than anything we are measuring today. They are driven by processes that have been going on since the beginning of time.”


“If you have to argue your science by using fraud, your science is not valid.”

He suggested many scientists had a vested interest in promoting climate change because it helped secure more funding for research. He said: “The climate comrades are trying to keep the gravy train going. Governments are also keen on putting their hands as deep as possible into our pockets.

“The average person has been talked down to. He has been treated like a fool. Yet the average person has common sense.”

As for the ClimateGate co-conspirators contacted by the Daily Express for comment, it's clear that they're spewing automatic, pre-programmed talking points and offering ZERO EVIDENCE to back up their fearmongering propaganda. They make all these claims that no one except they have seen any evidence to back up. And the evidence they claim to have followed, well, they destroyed it, apparently because it didn't support their political agenda.

The ClimateGate co-fraudsters simply say whatever they want, regardless of the evidence, which is that the world has NOT been warming recently and that we have NOT observed any "climate change" whatsoever. I mean, a hurricane here and a freak rainstorm there, well, you know, we've had those things since the very genesis of the planet. Nothing new, and certainly not my fault, nor yours.

Their claims are so insanely bizarre and unbelievable, so utterly devoid of accessible, verifiable evidentiary foundation, that one almost expects them to next try to pin the extinction of the dinosaurs upon us and our use of incandescent lightbulbs, our driving Suburbans and F-150s, our eating beans and farting, our exhaling whilst respiring just to stay alive....

It's about criminals lying to us based on fraud, trying to scare us out of our money and trying to control us so as to turn us into their own personal cash-cow slaves.

It's pretty much an international neo-communist plot by the International Elite, who we know are amoral, unethical, crooked... and terminally greedy.

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