Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Now Both Muslim Men And Gays Superior To UK Christians

If the British Far Left had a face, it'd be the face of Hitler.

Listen, there's zero doubt that in the United Kingdom, the Fascist Left has effectively declared war against Christianity.

If all appeal avenues fail, then I recommend widespread civil disobedience. Including refusing to pay taxes. Bankrupt the state apparatus until it gives Christians their equal rights back.

It's time to abolish these so-called "rights tribunals" (just like in Canada, where they do the same thing, ie elevate Muslims and gays to first-class status and demote Christians to the status of slave).

By the way, these tribunals will NEVER treat Muslims like they treat Christians. Because as far as the Fascist Left is concerned, Muslims are Number One, followed by Sexual Extremists such as homosexuals. The Fascist Left regards Christians as being equal to Muslim women, who have zero rights under Islam and who aren't protected by the Fascist Left from torture and murder at the hands of Muslim men. In other words, in Britain now, thanks to hateful Left-wing bigots and their awesome power, Muslim women and Christians are no better than livestock in terms of rights, vis-a-vis homosexuals and Muslim men.

It's time to take action to force the Fascist Left to stop bashing Christians, to stop taking their rights away. It's time to act up and put the Fascist Left out of commission by denying it its taxpayer-sourced funding. Bankrupt Britain to destroy the hateful, bigoted, evil, mean-spirited, Christianity-hating Fascist Leftist Apparatus.

They can't throw ALL Christians into jail, can they?

By the way, the man whom they robbed of his human rights is also black. Apparently the Fascist Left hates black people, too. Though probably not, if they happen to be gay or Muslim men.

Also it must be emphasized that the homosexuals NEVER haul any gay-hating Muslims before these tribunals. Only Christians, who merely ask that they be allowed to be left alone to observe their faith peacefully and without infringing on the rights of others. Ergo the Militant Homosexual Lobby hates Christians and submits to the obviously-superior-to-gays Muslims.

The Left must come to realize that it cannot elevate one group over another, taking rights away from the demoted group.

Next thing you know, those hateful bigots, the "progressive" Leftists, will force Christians to wear a fabric cross on their clothing. Later on, they'll force Christians to wear striped pajamas all the time. After that, who knows...

Anyone who sides with the Fascist Left is a lazy-minded hater, no better than a Nazi.