Thursday, November 05, 2009

VACCSCAM Hits Liberals: Kickback-For-Vaccine-Contract

On the take.

Crime. Corruption. Greed.

In the Chretien years. Now, a book like that on the Chretien years would be an overnight bestseller, just like Muslim Mafia.

Stevie Cameron, where are you? C'mon, write a book on them! You could make millions going after the gawdawful Librano$$$!!! So why don't you?

Oh, I see. Instead of doing the right thing, and being fair and balanced, she's obsessing yet again, NOW, over Mulroney, trying to make hay over his stupid dealings with the now-long-gone Karlheinz Schreiber. Dammit, Mulroney's been a private citizen since 1993, so why still nip his ankles? Chretien's ankles are ripe, honey! Hell, forget the Cretch's skinny ankles... go for his balls!

NOW... pay attention to the following CTV expose on the Liberals' sole-sourcing VACCINE contract for a third of a billion taxpayer bucks, and for which there appears to be a $56,000 kickback to the Liberal Party. Pay attention, Stevie Cameron! Forget the silly Mulroney book, which you know ain't gonna make you any money, and start one on the Librano$$$, which will make you filthy rich!

I believe, therefore, that much of the problem with the H1N1 vaccine thing can be blamed on the Liberals, who, strangely, are attempting to pin the blame on the Conservatives.

Far better to have multiple sources for vaccine manufacture, than putting one's eggs entirely into one risky basket. See how much the Liberals are proactive with respect to the lives of Canadians? Shame!

Don't be surprised to witness the Liberals continue to wax hypocritical and play politics with the H1N1 issue, trying to project the blame onto the wholly-innocent Conservatives, who are currently trying their best to make the best of a problem the LIBERALS created!

Hey, didn't I tell y'all that the Liberal skeletons would eventually emerge from their closets?

Did the Liberals actually think the Conservative government, when they discovered all the other instances of Liberal corruption, would just look the other way?

The Liberals wanted to play dirty and smear the Conservatives.

Well, maybe if the Liberal$$$ hadn't been a bunch of assholes recently, maybe the Conservatives would've looked the other way on the VACCSCAM thing (nah!). But the Liberals were recently trying to pin the blame on the Conservatives, so naturally the Conservatives had to tell it like it is, that the Liberals are the ones who planted the seeds of the vaccine-shortage scandal. How could the Conservatives know everything that's going to go wrong? The Liberals had thirteen years to screw up pretty much everything, after all, and, boy, did they ever! All to make a few extra bucks on the sly, under the table, in brown envelopes, stained with marinara sauce, in Italian restaurants...