Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Ignatieff Staffer Attempted To Fool CBC In Interview

...but the CBC realized later who he worked for, and, to their credit, properly nixed his deceptive "ordinary citizen" interview.

Was the Iggy office staffer a PLANT?
(...)transparent attempt to pass off an Ignatieff staffer as a non-partisan Canadian(...)

(...)very sad and unfortunate that the Ignatieff Liberals are desperately attempting to politicize the H1N1(...)
Plus the Liberal Party President tried to do it, too, politicize and sensationalize the H1N1 problem for political advantage.

The LPC Prez, Alf Apps (Or is it Al Fapps? Guy's definitely a Liberal fapper!), actually got blasted by a fellow Liberal who was disgusted with Mr. Fapps's (oops... Apps's) idiotic demagoguery. Of course, it's very possible that Al actually got the idea from that vulgar fapper, Warren "Catmeat Man" Kinsella, Liberal War Room Big Cheese.
Wrote one veteran Grit: “This is great. Apps want to accuse Harper of a Katrina. He forgets health is a provincial fief. He circulated it widely. No fingerprints pls.”
Sheesh, eh!

Not to mention... Liberal Apology Plus Their Awful Race Card In The Mail
The Liberals have apologized for a mailout that exploited Aboriginals and angered the Aboriginal community. That mailout was an obvious attempt by the desperate Liberals to smear the Conservatives by playing the race card.

Well, following their apology, guess what? I just came home and found another Liberal race card in the mail!

Paid for by the taxpayers, no less. A partisan attack, including the playing of the race card by those awful, racist Liberals! This after the Liberals complained that the Conservatives send out mailings like that that tell us about how yukky Ignatieff and the Liberals are? Such Liberal hypocrisy!
Is it any wonder...

Liberal fundraising takes sharp nosedive in Q3

Note to Liberals: If you don't know how to play politics right, then stop playing before y'all go bankrupt!