Sunday, November 01, 2009

He Said He Could. He Didn't.

Whatever you thought Obama meant when he said "Yes we can" ("we" really meaning "Obama himself"), well, it's time to stand back and realize that, after a year since his election...

...he didn't.

Why not?

Is it because he can't?

Or is it because what he's trying to do is too extreme, too scary, too revolutionary... and too communistic... to be tolerated by Mainstream Americana, who's inspiring enough politicians to prevent speedy passage of his "healthcare reform" bill or prevent its passage altogether?

Is it because he and the Dems refuse to compromise on their more scary, extreme policies within the bill, such as confiscating the Peoples' money as taxes for the purpose of financing the slaughter of the unborn? If they were to drop such unnecessary, extremely-ideological policies as that, then it's possible that they could pass a lot of parts of the bill that might be acceptable to Mainstream Americana and the Republicans.

But it seems that they won't compromise on the extreme stuff that Americans oppose. It's as if it's their job to push such extremism at all costs, not that it's their own ideas that they're pushing, and it might actually be the ideas of the shadowy, mysterious, ominous people behind the curtain. Perhaps Obama and the Dems are just puppets, and the real lawmakers are hiding out of sight, telling them what to impose. And they obey, as if they were trained dogs. Or remote-controlled machines.

It's the extremism that has prevented anything positive, any good change, from happening.

The economy still floats in the toilet. The "growth" in GDP recently reported? Guess what? Of course there was "growth" in GDP. After all, with all those billions, billions, billions, and yet more billions of borrowed and printed money being thrown all over the place for whatever they want, of bloody course the GDP will be positively impacted. It's all government spending, using borrowed and printed dollars. And the debt is at its highest level ever, as is the deficit. And many already argue that America is actually bankrupt. And there's no new jobs. Just some 3.3 million-odd lost since the "stimulus" spending started. Apparently simply throwing money around doesn't really do anything, and isn't efficient, nor productive. Such is the nature of simply blowing money on whatever you feel like- it doesn't do any good, and is just wasted.

Apparently the policies and agenda of the Obamacrat Regime... it's all to extreme, too frightening, too bizarre, and too damn wrong, to effect any positive change.


And he won't.

He'll just flush and walk away absent-mindedly, uncaring about the unbearable, intolerable, otherworldly stench he made, uncaring that others will suffer because of it.