Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Extremist Smears Harper As 'Extremist'

Here we go again. Another Left-Wing Extremist calling a boring moderate an "extremist" just because he refuses to be extreme like the pot calling him black. Talk about silly and illogical, eh... talk about Linda McQuaig.

I see Linda's writing in the Toronto (Red) Star. Cliche, eh!

Linda McQuaig. Yeesh. That name reminds me of the name attached to communism-oriented economic drivel which a former communism-oriented economics professor of mine (the one who brought Noam Chomsky to campus) always made me read (along with all the drivel by Chomksy!). Luckily I was resistant to the indoctrination even back then as a still-wet-behind-the-ears early-twenties kid and actually expressed plenty of skepticism in class.

Incidentally, here's Linda McQuaig drinking and conspiring with none other than Peter Donolo, former Chretien Regime behind-the-curtain guy and new Chief of Staff of Liberal Leader Ignatieff:

Get a load of hammy Liberal backroom boy Peter Donolo trying to impress Linda McQuaig, an ultra-extreme left-wing propagandist. Funny how she looks like a less-attractive, less intelligent Ann Coulter of the Hard Left, isn't it?

Eerily, she also looks like a weird girl who used to stalk me in junior high. Nope, not the same chick, but the former stalker is a leftist, too, as I saw her a few years ago in the local paper being featured as a weird left-wing activist in what I considered a silly protest.

Now we see Linda McQuaig stalking the Prime Minister with her literary bullshit.

Clearly, the Hard Left believes it's time to pull out its nuclear bombs. We know what's coming. Prime Minster Harper ought to brace himself and prepare his defence against the same sort of bullshit frequently insanely chucked at Sarah Palin that's beginning to come his way.

It's clear to me that Linda McQuaig hates Israel, and that she's using Harper's support for Israel to label him "extreme". How cliche, eh!

Linda's claim that Harper is "extreme" falls flat on its face. She makes no case whatsoever, and sounds like another Hard-Left hypocrite, forgetting her own side's beyond-the-pale rhetoric whilst blasting us moderates's calling things as we see them.

Frankly, I was expecting more and better from Linda McQuaig. I was looking forward to dissecting and exposing the nonsensity of what she wrote, but I see there's no need- too easy to see that she's just extreme, and that she hates Israel and calls an "extremist" anyone who supports Israel and who denounces university Israelophobia and Judenhass hostility/intolerance.