Monday, November 02, 2009

Arar Continues His 'Legal' Jihad... Against America

Maher Arar.
Fingered by Al Qaeda-linked Omar Khadr as present in Al Qaeda company.

Ezra Levant: Maher Arar, Liar
Maher Arar was declared by the breathless mainstream media to be a saint whose lamb-like innocence was never tainted by association with terrorists.

Word comes from another media darling -- Omar Khadr -- that Arar in fact was at an Al Qaida safe house in Afghanistan on various occasions, contrary to Arar's denials of ever being in that country.

All of which vindicates one of the most important cover stories the Western Standard ever ran, entitled "What really happened to Maher Arar?" You really must read it -- you'll learn things that just haven't been reported elsewhere, ranging from that fact that Arar's purported injuries from "torture" were never examined by an independent doctor; that when he was picked up by Canadian diplomats in Syria, he showed no signs of torture whatsoever -- only signs of not having bathed. Those are just two little tid-bits. Really: read the whole thing. It's a great story, written by Kevin Steel.

Today, what's Maher Arar up to? Trying to sue the United States.

In a 7-4 decision, the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit agreed with a lower court that Arar could not sue U.S. officials.

The court found that he did not have legal standing to sue and that legal protection and redress in cases such as this should be determined by Congress and not the courts.

Listen to Arar's bizarre, out-there propaganda in response, making himself sound like a lunatic conspiracy theorist, sprouting claims that would get anyone else labelled a "crackpot":

In a statement, Arar said the ruling proves "the court system in the United States has become more or less a tool that the executive branch can easily manipulate through unfounded allegations and fear-mongering."
I betcha he'd also allege that Bush knew that 9/11 was going to happen.

Why believe his claims that he was tortured?

There was never any evidence of torture... just his claims. Claims which he only made after being released, claims that are obviously phony, as those who paid him consular visits had observed zero evidence of the torure he later painstakingly "described". Guy's story doesn't hold up, and collapses totally, under the weight of the evidence, actually!

Why would Syria torture an accused Al Qaeda, anyway? Syria isn't exactly against Al Qaeda.

But remember when William Sampson was tortured by the Saudis? There was plenty of evidence- he had lost a lot of weight and seemed like a very different person, for starters.

And Canada didn't compensate him.

Of course, back then, the Liberals were in power. They didn't give a damn about him, didn't exactly go out of their way to free him from those evil Saudi Islamic supremacists.

The Liberals, however, do think quite highly of Maher Arar.