Wednesday, December 02, 2009

UN Environmental Extremist Agenda Exposed

Two-year-old UN paper: Environmentalism = Religion, "as the only compelling, value-based narrative available to humanity".

In other words, it's not about science. Environmentalism is a "religion" to these people. Ie. a dogma. To be imposed.

Better to worship the planet than to worship God, they're saying.

They really do want to turn us into brainless earth-worshippers, like these poor, delusional folks who desperately need psychiatric help:

(Also worth watching: Mocking the lunatics seen in the above video.)

These folks don't care about the Common People. They just want to impose upon us, as if they're a de-facto unelected, wholly-unaccountable government and we're the oppressed taxpayers who feed them. In fact, as far as I can see, this IS their overall agenda: Global government, without democratic consent.
The purpose of the paper, put together after an unpublicized day-long session in Switzerland by some of the world's top environmental bureaucrats: to argue for a new and unprecedented effort to move environmental concerns to "the center of political and economic decision-making" around the world — and perhaps not coincidentally, expand the influence and reach of UNEP at the tables of world power, as a rule-maker and potential supervisor of the New Environmental Order.
"New Environmental Order".

Wonder what that's a cover for, really? World domination by a bunch of unethical, amoral criminals?

We don't want a "North American Union". Nor should we want a New World Order of those greedy, corrupt crackpots calling themselves the "United Nations" imposing upon and oppressing us, telling us what to think and how to live/not live, against our will/without our democratic consent. And they want to take our money, too, not just to perpetuate the institutions and machinery of oppression, but also to line their own pockets. See the scam here?
The positions argued in that paper now appear to be much closer at hand; many of them are embedded in a four-year strategy document for UNEP taking effect next year, in the immediate wake of the much-touted, 11-day Copenhagen conference on "climate change," which starts on Dec. 7, and which is intended to push environmental concerns to a new crescendo.
"To a new crescendo".
Despite the inconvenient truth that the whole gw/cc thing has been completely debunked/discredited/exposed as a fraud. It's called CLIMATEGATE. They're ignoring the reality and pushing forward as if nothing changed.

Why should we believe those who claim that the "science is sound" if we can't examine the raw data they destroyed? Why should we believe their altered/manipulated/tweaked "data" which they substituted for the REAL data, which, by their own exposed admission, is inconvenient to their political-policy/propaganda agenda?

These folks are pretending that nothing's changed, that nothing's been discredited/debunked, because of the vast amounts of money invested in and to be made from this scam, this con game, this mass snake oil marketing campaign of international historic proportions.

This is precisely why they delusionally, hellbent, forge forward, no matter what. They're going to impose this oppressive bullshit onto us regardless of anything, forcing us to change our lives, forcing us to turn off our Free World economies, so they can get f*cking rich. They've got so much invested in the whole swindle agenda that they're not going to stop for anything, including the now-well-known truth. They figure that by keeping on keeping on (same thinking we see in the Big Old Media, who's always been onside with the whole scam/big lie and still is), they'll create an illusion that nothing's changed, that they're as right as they've always claimed to be, that the world will end soon if we don't do everything they tell us to do, including surrendering our money and control of our own lives to them.

F*ck them. Hop into your monster SUVs and HD pickups and spew all the carbon you wish, as carefree and footloose as a nudist busker in hard-left Europe.

They've come to the point where they're facing their absolute final gamble. They can't stop now, for they're fecked either way anyway, so they must try ONE LAST DITCH ATTEMPT:


We must not tolerate their agenda to rule the world with massive-profits-for-the-elite-few international socialism.