Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Obama's Secret 'Planned Parenthood' Meetings Subject Of Lawsuit

Obama secretly met with "Planned Parenthood".

"lackey of Planned Parenthood in championing government financed abortions" 

I don't believe for one second that he's unaware of their anti-black racist nature.  Of course he's aware.  Surely he saw the undeniable proof via the sting videos the Big Old Media, as with the extremist-lunatic "Czars", the ACORN sting tapes, the CAIR sting operation, etc., dutifully ignores, refusing to inform The People that "Planned Parenthood" is racist and other bad, dishonest, even felonious things?

Yet he's willing to grant them secret meetings.

For what purpose?  I'll tell you what I think.  To invite the Nazi-sympathizer-founded, racist, eugeneticist, criminal organization to do business with the US Government for the purpose of helping the Obamacrat Reich achieve its goal of murdering as many more babies as possible, fully funded by the American Taxpayers.

Yep.  Abortion is, as far as Obama's concerned, a "public good" that must be paid for by ALL, period.

Apparently Obama doesn't give a damn that most of the "Planned Parenthood" human-abbatoir factories are deliberately constructed in neighborhoods predominantly populated by People of Color, like Obama himself.  Of course he's aware, and he wants to do business with PP.

Yes, it's possible to be a black supremacist and look the other way on the mass slaughter (in the millions) of black babies... IF one has been brainwashed into believing the Big Lie that the Unborn "are not human".  You see, Obama, an apparent black supremacist, is practicing doublethink, in letting the New Black Panther racist felons off the hook for their polling-station racially-motivated hate-crime felony and then looking away on the massacre of black babies, on the delusional grounds that unborn babies, regardless of race, are somehow "not human".

Yet another reason NOT to trust Barack Hussein Obama, International Man of Mystery.


Balbulican said...

Mr. Sentinel, sir: what the article states is that Mr Klayman suggests that President Obama or his staff held meetings "behind closed doors" with lobbyists from the private sector, the pharmaceutical industry, the U.S. Chamber of Commerce,the American Association of Retired Persons (AARP), the American Medical Association (AMA, Planned Parenthood and other groups. That's what the article actually says.

In other words, the Administration, in formulating its policy, met with pretty much every private and public sector stakeholder, including seniors, doctors, insurance companies, etc.

I'm not sure why you feel that's a bad thing, Mr. Sentinel, sir. Would you suggest that policy should have been formulated WITHOUT meeting the key stakeholders?

Anonymous said...

Learn more about the eugenic goals of the nation's top abortion provider , Planned Parenthood, who sets up chop shop in minority neighborhoods with the new film: Maafa21. Clips here: http://www.maafa21.com

Canadian Sentinel said...

Yep, Anonymous, I've posted on Maafa21 previously. Too bad folks like "Balbulican" prefer to ignore the truth at their convenience.

Speaking of "Balbulican", I see he's up to his old tricks again...

I'll not take the bait.

Enkidu said...

Did He meet with any right-to-life type groups, I wonder. Or, of the two sides, was it only the right-to-kill-babies groups that He listened to?

While I can agree that Barry O! is bigoted against whites, I don't see Him as a black supremacist. HE is supreme in His eye, not any other black person. HE is an egotist, not a black supremacist.

Canadian Sentinel said...

Hmm. Perhaps B.O. isn't so much a black "supremacist" as he is a puppet of folks who just want to let black racists off the hook for everything. We know that B.O. isn't in charge, and takes orders from the Man Behind The Curtain. This can explain the illogicality of the man's actions/inactions on the race file and on any file. It's not B.O. himself that generates his actions. B.O. is just following orders from the wrong folks, ie. the Wealthy Elite Few, as opposed to The People who are his true bosses and whom he's supposed to be serving as President, but whom he does NOT.

But "supremacist", you see, carries a lot of shock value as a word to be used as a political weapon, just as Leftists and the Big Old Media do it as often as they have the opportunity. After all, how frequently do we get told of "white supremacists", even though such folks have been so marginalized to the fringes that there's no need to keep on raising the hysterical alarm about them?

We see the Left/Big Old Media/Obamacrats/Etc. frequently raising the specter of imaginary brownshirted, jackbooted, shaven-headed honky freakazoids goosestepping around. Why do they do this? Well, historically, they did it for the purpose of falsely justifying their fascism and bad policies. Now, however, that their fascism and bad policies have, fortunately, resulted in such successful marginalization of white racists, etc., the "white supremacist" scare phrase isn't going to have as much impact any longer.

Glad you can think for yourself, Enkidu.

One thing's for certain, and it's that B.O. has issues. Guy's got problems, and it shows, even if the Big Old Media does its "job" and covers them up with praise and adulation no matter what he does that indicates a less-than-perfect man.

Canadian Sentinel said...

Further, "behind closed doors" means that The People aren't going to be privy to what's going on behind the doors.

Too bad the Bumblebee ("Balbulican") doesn't understand the concept of "behind closed doors", nor of "transparency" and "openness".

After all, transparency and openness were promised by B.O. to The People, not to the folks he met with behind closed doors.

The Bumblebee wants us to believe that simply having the Special Interests in on meetings behind closed doors is somehow being "open" and "transparent", even though The People will not know what was said/agreed.

Keeping The People in the dark is a bad thing, no matter how many reps of the Special Interests are in on it. After all, we know that the Special Interests don't really represent the interests of The People as a Whole. They represent the interests of their specific groups, and not necessarily those they claim to "represent". Of course, this is an inconvenient truth which Bumblebee will conveniently ignore.

The Bumblebee's just buzzin' up our asses, y'know. Waste of time arguing with the guy. He's a troublemaker hellbent on wearing us down with endless argument.