Monday, April 30, 2007

SinoCommunist Propagandists Disrupt Discussion at Columbia U

Columbia University. I remember that one from a previous post I did about leftwing extremists who disrupted, silenced speakers, threatened them with violence, and uttered racial epithets because they didn't want to permit someone to speak who had something to say that they didn't like. I followed that post with an analytical one which the leftist commentors didn't like... surprise, eh?

Now it's happened again. This time with a group of Chinese students who clearly want to protect the evil Chinese Communist Party (CPP) by denying the reality of human rights abuses and, in particular, organ harvesting (the core of the matter for the discussion they disrupted) and by demonizing as "anti-China" all who attempt to speak the truth about what's happening in China under the monstrously tyrannical iron fist of CCP rule. (Wonder if CCP propagandist "Bobby Fletcher" was involved in this uncivilized disruption of free expression and truthtelling? This is his kind of thing.)

A panel discussion meant to take a look at a horrifying human rights violation became the occasion for a stunning show of incivility—a breakdown of all values and practices that New York's most prestigious university holds dear. For two hours on Friday afternoon the week before last, the Columbia University community was given a chilling glimpse at one Chinese export America can decidedly do without: hatred.

The event sought to examine the findings of a report, "Bloody Harvest" (, authored by two Canadians, the human rights lawyer David Matas and the former Canadian Secretary of State David Kilgour. This report finds credible the allegations, made initially by this paper, that the Chinese Communist regime is engaging in the widespread, systematic, forced removal of organs from living Falun Gong practitioners, something Matas has referred to as "a new form of evil in our time."

The panel was sponsored by the Columbia University Amensty International Chapter and Falun Dafa Club, and featured David Matas, joined by two Chinese medical doctors, Dr. Charles Lee and Dr. Jingduan Yuan.

Read on for the details of this un-American and uncivilized behavior of those who may very well be Chinese Communist spies responsible for crushing anti-CCP dissent in America.

The CCP is apparently terrified of the work and exposition thereof by Mr. Kilgour and Mr. Matas. They're having their propagandists attack them in person now.

Just like the leftists last time at Columbia University.