Monday, April 30, 2007

Reaganites Back Fred Thompson for President

Fred Thompson

Story here. h/t:

Ronald Reagan's closest allies are throwing their weight behind the White House bid by the late president's fellow actor, Fred Thompson.

The film star and former Republican senator from Tennessee will this week use a speech in the heart of Reagan country, in southern California, to woo party bigwigs in what insiders say is the next step in his coming out as a candidate.

A key figure in the Reagan inner circle has now given his seal of approval to Mr Thompson, best known as a star of the television crime drama Law and Order.


Mr Deaver sees the same raw material in Mr Thompson as was perceived in Ronald Reagan, describing him as someone "that could really make a difference". He added: "He is very popular in his party. He could change this whole thing and turn this primary system upside down.

Please, oh please, please, please!!! The world needs a real leader for a change! (Yes; like it or not- only America has the historically-earned legitimacy and credibility to stand up as the premier example, the guiding light, of what other nations should be like, notwithstanding the sharp leftwards turn the country took following the end of the Reagan era. And this will only be possible with the right leader with the right principles who can be counted on to base decisions on what's right, not what's most popular or what George Soros or the "United Nations" or the MSM demand)

Oh, of course, Canada today is once again, under the excellent leadership of Prime Minister Stephen Harper, standing up for liberty, democracy, the rule of law and basic human rights, no matter what the risk, no matter who may be offended. We, too, do have historically-earned legitimacy (we fought -and continue to fight- in wars to defend, promote and spread these values, proving ourselves beyond all doubt worthy of being a key international player).

Imagine... a brave new Free World with Harper's Canada and Thompson's America. (It'd be good if France chooses Nick Sarkozy in the runoff vote in about a week- he sounds like a much more rational Frenchman than we've ever seen, plus Japan now has a stronger, more assertive, more conservative government, and Taiwan is defiantly standing up to Red China, refusing to be wrongly, arbitrarily deemed a part of that nation, etc...)

You know, evil isn't winning. Not at all. It only feels that way when the Free World has become fat and lazy, as in the post-Reagan period and particularly since the fall of the Berlin Wall and the Soviet Empire.

Make no mistake... the Free World has an eternal, underlying toughness which has been underestimated and denied for far too long. The Free World will get going when the going gets tough, rest assured. Some members thereof may wait till the last minute, but ultimately they'll make the correct choice once there's only two choices left and when they cannot afford to spew wimpy rhetoric and stall.

And let that be a stern warning to our Axis enemies: You underestimate us. We, too, adapt to changing realities, as have you. Remember: Mutually Assured Destruction.

I like this Thompson guy so far. I'm looking forward to seeing more of him and hearing what he has to say.