Thursday, April 12, 2007

The Nine Commentaries on the Chinese Communist Party

... have sparked the rapid collapse of the Communist Party of China.

What are the Nine Commentaries? Basically it's a book... and the one thing the Chinese Communist Party fears most of all. They're so terrified of this book and its power that they won't dare even issue a condemnation for fear of making it even more well-known and popular... and further accelerating the torrential defections from the CCP, which reached twenty million in late March this year and are accellerating as I write this.

Just in today:

'Quit the CCP' Slogans Appear Everywhere

Hunan democracy advocate Mr. He Weihua recently wrote an article titled "Heaven Eliminates the CCP" Slogans Appear Everywhere; Officials Are Running from Calamity. In the article he mentions that many "Quit the CCP" slogans can be seen at major streets and small alleys. He says that people are already disgusted with the CCP's corruption and lawless acts, and that "Heaven Eliminates the CCP" is an unstoppable trend that reflects people's desires.


He Wehua writes in his article: "Be observant …slogans are spreading over the hills and dales. They appear in large numbers covering all areas, like commercials that blot out the sky and cover up the earth, omitting nowhere."

He said that he has seen a hidden strength in people putting the slogans so widely.

"It is a kind of pure power. You won't know it if you don't see it yourself. The world of the CCP appears to be quiet with nothing happening, but banners of 'Heaven Eliminates the CCP' appear everywhere, which is a reflection of people's feelings. With strong power of the public, it [CCP] will collapse finally."

Don't expect the irresponsible, uncaring mainstream media in the Free World to tell you about this anytime soon.

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