Saturday, April 14, 2007

Two Arrested, Charged With Anti-Semitic Attacks in Montreal

Story here.

Two Montreal men have been arrested and charged with arson in connection to a series of firebombings, including attacks on a Jewish school and community centre.

Omar Bulphred, 24, and Azim Ibragimov, 22, were arrested and charged Friday in Montreal.

The pair are also charged with uttering threats and possession of arson materials.


(...)the crimes were hate-motivated, violent and racist
-Jeffrey Boro, President, CJC

We have caught and charged the "personal jihadists". Now the danger remains for some radically-extreme leftist judge to let them go, in accordance with leftwing ideology rather than in accordance with the law and justice. This happens all the time and shouldn't. But the left wants this. As do the Communists and their puppet Islamic governments.

Personal jihad is a growing threat to the well-being of the people of the Free World.

Remember that term, "personal jihad". Not all terrorism is committed with the facilitation of any organized groups or nations. But always remember, the organized groups and the nations who facilitate them do indeed inspire personal jihad in individuals. Therefore we must crack down on the sources of inspiration for individuals to commit acts of terrorism. And this includes Mosques which preach hatred and which tell their members to go forth and kill people for simply being non-Muslims. Surely we've seen the proof that there are indeed Mosques which have been hijacked by extremists of all sorts to transform Islam, with its sometimes scary, horrible verses, potentially offering evildoers a way of manipulating large numbers of guillible people into thinking they must hate and kill people who are different from them, into a propaganda tool of evil individuals, ideologies, nations... like Communist/fascist Russia and China. But that's a story for another day...

In the meantime, remember this required reading.

It's possible that if the Russian Communists never hijacked Islam to use Muslims and the Islamic World for the purpose of, by proxy, attacking and weakening the Free World, we wouldn't have the problems we do with the Middle East and in the Free World, with the terrorism, etc.

Imagine a world without the problems in the Middle East, created by the Russian Commuinsts starting in 1967, and without all the terrorism worldwide, including of the non-Islamic variety. Oh, yes, the Russians, the KGB... they invented terrorism, created Arafat, bin Laden, Saddam... read all about it at the "required reading" link. It's fully-referenced and comprehensive.

And the Chinese Communists, I'm learning, are into it, too, facilitating terrorism.

No wonder the Russians and the Chinese don't want the Free World to do anything about Iran, Iraq, Syria, "Palestine", etc., etc... their attitude is damning. Russia and China are clearly responsible for terrorism today. Not just the Islamists, who are really being used by the Communists.

Hear that, Islamists? Your enemy isn't America, nor Canada, nor Israel, nor Judaism, Christianity, nor Britain, Spain, Australia, etc... your enemy is the governments of Russia and China! So go after them! Don't you know what they're doing to your fellow Muslim brothers and sisters? Don't you want to know? Better start demanding answers now!

And your Islamic governments are also aiding and abetting the KGB and CCP. So who are your enemies?

Islamic World: you've been lied to and used since 1967... by the Communists and by your Islamic governments!