Sunday, April 15, 2007

Neofascist Germany Forcing Homeschoolers to Flee For Asylum

Story here.

Yes... families are leaving Germany to escape persecution and fascism.

They're fleeing to escape one of Hitler's very own dictated laws.


Read about it for yourself.

Unfortunately, the truth today as well as in the Twentieth Century, is: Germany: Where the state is supreme over all.

I guess they'll have to put new slogans on top of all the gates: "Public Education Makes Free"...

(The following statement reminds me of right here in Canada, where the "Liberals" were pushing ferociously for state-funded "daycare" institutions. Thank goodness they were defeated in the last election. Now that we have the Conservatives in power, parents have the right to choose how to raise their children, rather than being forced for economic reasons to dump their kids into some cold, dreary state-run institution where one never knows what's happening. Who the hell wants their kids to be raised by leftist civil servants? Why risk one's children's well-being? Why did the Liberals want to impose such a Marxist-Leninist regime onto Canada? Did they have a hidden agenda to indoctrinate the children somehow, without even mentioning it to parents? One shudders at the very idea of what would've happened if the corrupt, criminal, authoritarian, Marxist "Liberals" had won and imposed their extremist ideology onto Canada, taking away the right to choose from Canadian parents.)

Listen up, Marxist-Leninist leftists: It does NOT "take a village".

"The philosophy that the government knows best how to raise children is really becoming a worldwide phenomenon," Farris said. "I think Germany represents the edge of the night that's coming."