Sunday, April 01, 2007

Moonbat Spotlight: Scott Brison

Scott "Kiss my ass!" Brison

Story here. h/t:
Recently Scott Brison, the infamously narcississtic Tory-to-Librano turncoat moonbat extremist had a barking fit. He accused Prime Minister Stephen Harper, without backing himself up with any evidence whatsoever, of being a "bully". He claimed that the Prime Minister "bullies" all sorts of specific people, without offering evidence.
Bark! Bark! Bark! Went the moonbat.
Scott Brison has no credibility.
No integrity. Like the typical "Liberal".
I haven't forgotten what happened the last time he made an unfounded accusation against Stephen Harper. He had to grovel, withdraw, apologize, kiss ass.
Scott, time to kiss ass again.
Stupid idiot moonbat poophead. Little Mr. "Believe I'm perfect". Perfect hair. Perfect little suit. His shit never stinks. Right.
I also haven't forgotten the time he told a woman to "kiss my ass". (Who's the bully now, Scottie? What's the matter, got a problem with people who happen to be women? A tad misogynistic, are we? Wonder what caused this unwarranted, knee-jerk femophobia?) The problem is that he didn't mean it literally- he was cursing her just because she failed to figuratively kiss it in the first place. As if we all gotta kiss his perfect little patootie! He can bend down and kiss it himself!
How can anyone in their right mind vote for this dumbassfool clown? (Oh, wait! No one in their right mind would vote for this pathetic little clown! I guess that doesn't say much good about the voters of Kings-Hants!)
Hey, Scottie, you bully! Kiss my wonderfully aromatic, flatulating hairy ass!
Well, what's he gonna do to me? If he sues me for some imaginary politically-incorrect slight (as if he's innocent of slighting the Prime Minister!) that somehow stung his hypersensitive pantywaist feelings, he'll make a big bully of himself... and get nothing anyway, no matter what. After all, thanks to what his criminal organization of a party did to the Atlantic Region, I've no net worth. Hell, he'd have to stand in line to get any cash out of me, not that there's much to go around. Thanks a lot, Scott! You've really done a lot for the Maritimes. All you do is accuse, without reasonable evidence, the PM of "bullying" Atlantic Canada, forgetting that the Liberal Mob, of whom you're now a part, has long bullied Western Canada, particularly Alberta. No doubt about that. You're chuckin' stones in a glass house, boy.