Sunday, April 29, 2007

Muslims Brutalize Jewish Woman in France

For shame! Where's the international outrage?

If it was a Muslim woman, the whole international MSM would be talking about it! The left would be up in arms!

Story here. h/t:

Audrey Brachelle, 22, was attacked in the French city of Marseilles Thursday evening. The attack began as she walked back from her job as an accountant at a textile factory toward the metro station in the La Rose neighborhood of the city, which is home to many Jews.

Two Arab men followed her and attempted to steal her cell phone. After they grabbed it, the attackers noticed the Jewish ornament on the woman’s necklace, at which point she says they realized she was Jewish and began focusing on brutalizing her rather than stealing her phone.

The men then punched her in the face, sliced her dress with a knife and carved at least one Nazi swastika into her chest. They also cut off a clump of her hair.

Despite the swastikas and epithets expressed by the attackers, the French government is hesitating to admit that the attack was an anti-Jewish one. French Jews say the government is hesitant to admit the attack was anti-Semitic as that would have political ramifications and sway the upcoming presidential elections set to take place May 6.

Not a hate crime?! Of course it is. Anyone who says it isn't is a reprehensible, hateful, filthy anti-Semitic bigot.

Apparently, in France, Muslims are superior and must be revered and exalted at all times and Jews are irrelevant. Is this really the way France wants to be? Because it is this way!

This reminds me of a line from the movie Dumb and Dumber in which Harry said to Lloyd: "...The French are assholes."

That's putting it mildly, however.

France is clearly an anti-Semitic, Dhimmi nation. They tolerate such indubitable hate crimes against Jews, particularly when committed by brainwashed, intolerant, supremacistic, literalist Muslims, who, by the way, have hundreds of their own neighborhoods where they do as they please and are never bothered by police, are above the law, etc.

The French are committing national suicide. Just as they attempted when submitting to Hitler's Nazis.