Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Colorado Gov't Dictating Schools Must Teach Condom Use

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The (Democratic) government of Colorado is mandating that schools which teach any sex education at all also teach children how to use condoms.

(...) "the adoption of science-based content standards for instruction regarding human sexuality."


"If people knew what we were talking about in here – math, science and condoms – they would be horrified," said Sen. Mike Kopp, R-Littleton. He was referring to the recent termination by the legislature of plans to require competency in math, science and English.

Incredible... the State of Colorado does not require students to acquire competency in the most important areas of education- math, science and English- but will, bizarrely, require sex-ed-teaching schools to impose indoctrination in prophylactic use upon children??? WTF?

I don't get it- they don't mandate sex ed be taught in State schools, but as for those schools who choose to teach sex ed, they'll be dictated to by the State precisely what to teach? (Why do they even have local school boards, if the State is going to go over their heads anyway?) This is just bizarre and inconsistent vis-a-vis logic and vis-a-vis principle! It's stupid and insane (Of course, the Democrats are in power, so...)!

Nevertheless, the Democrat-controlled State Legislature does hereby deem, and ever so dogmatically, arrogantly, oppressively:

"The general assembly hereby finds, determines, and declares that this act is necessary for the immediate preservation of the public peace, health, and safety"

Sounds like something the Chinese Communist Party would say, doesn't it? Just like that! Don't question the government or else your organs will be harvested...

We know what they mean by "science-based". This means that morality and plain old good old common sense will be thrown out the window. Probably also entails that the law will be seen and judicially ruled as supreme over the wishes of parents, effectively legislating the end of the right of parents to choose how to raise and educate their children. The left wants to corrupt children, planting these adult concepts into their minds, essentially telling them that they're old enough to screw and all that. Next thing we know, they're going to have one of their corrupt leftwing judges strike down the age of consent law...

...down, down, down the slippery slope we go!

Is it any wonder that homeschooling is becoming increasingly popular amongst Americans who believe that they have brains so that they can actually use them?

A question: if the left is so stupid and insane, how could they come up with such oppressive laws clearly designed to do nothing but deconstruct Free World society and institutions, leading to gross, cavalier, "liberal" decadence, immorality, and stupidity (note that above it's indicated that math, science and English competency were rejected as potentially being required, in favor of putting a rubber thingy on the thingy so the thingy can be put into some other thingy... is this brainless crap or what???... So what's the answer to the question? Given the obvious stupidity of these "liberals", there must logically be an intelligent party coming up with these insane, destructive ideas. Who is it? Are they even American? Are they foreign enemies undercover? Are they Americans who've been corrupted, bribed or threatened into committing treason against their own country? I mean, stupid people can't do it- they're not sophisticated enough- they're possibly being manipulated, yes, elected officials, civil servants, etc., etc... into committing such unhinged moonbattery, weakening the foundation of the nation. We must look closely at these people, scrutinize them, scrutinize their associates, and expose anything damning we find! Yes, of course... they're doing it to ordinary, innocent people all the time, who refuse to toe the line of the neoMarxists, so fair's fair! Privacy? They're the peoples' employees... so if they're working against the people, they must be scrutinized for any wrongdoing at all and brought to justice if found guilty in court. Or at least forced to resign in utter, public disgrace. It's the peoples' right.

The State of Colorado doesn't want children to think with their brains... it wants, instead, children to think with their genitalia. Just let your wee-wees and woo-woos tell you what to do. Understand? What kind of brain-scrambled moonbats are running this state???

Just don't vote Democrat... anywhere in America. The Democrats are a radical, extremist, destructive, authoritarian, corrupt neoMarxist, anti-American-values party. Is there any doubt, after all the stupidity and insanity of which they've demonstrated themselves automatically capable?

"Democrats" don't represent all Americans. They only represent a tiny minority of radical neoMarxist extremists who want the government to declare that their, and only their, ideologies and beliefs are valid and that all others are to be discouraged or even banned.

They do get elected, yes... but only by lying to Americans. Only by promising enough of what they need to promise to get elected. And then they break their promises and do all kinds of bizarre, radical, revolutionary stuff they never even hinted at, ever... This is how they operate. Can't trust them. Who the hell would vote for one's own oppressors?!

"Democrats" are as trustworthy when it comes to governing... as were the unsupervised children in Lord of the Flies!