Thursday, April 26, 2007

NA Union/SPP to Be Openly Examined by Canadian MPs

Good news here. h/t:

Finally it's (The mysterious, backdoor tri-national agreement, the "Security and Prosperity Partnership") going to be exposed and questioned on TV, May 1st and 3rd.

Then-prime minister Paul Martin, U.S. President George W. Bush and former Mexican president Vicente Fox launched the SPP, known as the Three Amigos agreement, two years ago in Waco, Texas.

It has led to reasonable apprehensions, including from myself, given the unusual secrecy surrounding the whole agreement and all discussions concerning its substance and workings, that there may well be a secretive plan afoot to create a EU-style North American Union (NAU) without much public information/consultation... and perhaps not even democratic permission to proceed with such a great, grand concept with potential to change so much.

"These issues all have a tremendous impact on Canadians," he said, "and once it becomes a public debate, Canadians will be deeply concerned. That's why a lot of this has been taking place behind closed doors. It shows a basic mistrust of democracy and democratic debate."


This must be fully aired in public... fully discussed.

So where's the MSM? Why aren't they talking about this? Why do they prefer to spend their time to speculate about what goes on once the Taliban beasts are in the custody of the Government of Afghanistan? Since when does the MSM care about what happens to Afghans at the hands of other Afghans? (Oh, wait... of course! The MSM roots for the bad guys and not for the good guys, so they wring their hands and whine about their phobias about uncomfortable conditions for the Taliban. The Taliban! These people deny the most basic human rights to Afghans. They brainwash, rape, torture and slaughter Afghans. They treat women as being lesser than livestock, blowing their heads off in soccer fields for little or nothing more than being women!)

Of course, the MSM is also obsessed with the Chicken Little Campaign of Fat Algor and all that end-of-days paranoid crap, rather than something we can discuss intelligently and respectfully, without being intimidated, like a potential, de-facto merger of North America into one EU-style union.

Why doesn't the MSM care about the future of their countries? Do they want there to be a NAU? Are they in on the whole thing themselves, conspiring to deny the people information about it? Why doesn't the MSM do its job, rather than supporting whatever they like, such as leftwing nonsense, leftwing political parties and now the NAU? Yes... I accuse the MSM of being pro-NAU because they won't let us in on any information if they have it (as if they even care to dig up any info!)

The people have a right to be informed! It's our countries we're talking about here! We, not the elites, get to decide the futures of our countries!