Saturday, April 28, 2007

MSM, Pollsters Lying To Us on Tory Support

That's right. I accuse the pollsters and the mainstream media of lying to Canadians.

How's that? Well, whenever there's a poll indicating support for the federal Conservatives at 38 or 39 percent, they always assert, particularly in dreary-sounding headlines, that the Conservatives "wouldn't get a majority" or "would be stuck with another minority" simply because it's now arbitrarily considered that the minimum threshold for a majority government is 40 percent. (They ought to know that one can get a majority of seats with less than that!)

Well, I recall very well that the Liberals, in the 1997 federal election, got another majority with a mere 38.5%. See here for the results (scroll down for the chart).

Here's a recent article concrening a poll, for comparison. The Conservatives have 38% support in this poll, having also achieved 39% and up in other polls.

Note that the pollster and the MSM headline say "no majority" according to that number. This has been happening regularly lately.

Oh, gimme a break! Have y'all forgotten the 1997 federal election results already?

Admit it! Yes, the Conservatives could possibly win a majority if an election were held today!

Clearly, the pollsters and the MSM are being either forgetful or dishonest. If dishonest, then it's with a view to pouring cold water on election fever because they know that only the Conservatives are in any position, financially and support-wise, to go into an election campaign, while the other parties, particularly the Liberals, are definitely not and would likely self-destruct due to lack of funds, lack of preparedness, their incredible baggage, recent Liberal scandals, and their piss-poor "leader" Stephane Dion, who speaks rather poor English, is avoiding answering questions posed in English or French, particularly English, to hide his ineptness, is a serial flip-flopper, prefers the Taliban to Canadian soldiers as well as to innocent Afghans (he wants to end the war against the Taliban and let them retake the country!), etc., etc...

Clearly the pollsters know that the Conservatives are indeed poised for a majority. But they're terrified to admit it. Fine. It makes no difference anyway.

Poll fluctuations or not, occassional negative treatment from a hostile, Liberal-preferring-and-biased MSM and a pitbull-like, if stupid as pitbull doody, Opposition opposing all kinds of good things the Conservative government puts forth, the Conservatives are doing quite well, considering.

Is this really so hard to accept? Geez!