Friday, April 06, 2007

15 Brit Marines Were Treated Badly

Story here.

I suppose the left will continue to convince themselves that the Iranians were nice to the fifteen British Marines whom they captured and held under phony charges. Of course the Iranians are nice folks. The promises of President Ahmadinejad to wipe out entire countries and races of people? Oh, he was just kidding, they'll tell themselves, or they'll deny he ever said such things, or they'll not care. Or perhaps they're the enemy itself, spreading false propaganda.

They were lined up while weapons were cocked, making them "fear the worst", one of the 15 freed sailors revealed.

The crew were told that if they did not admit they were in Iranian waters when captured that they faced seven years in prison, a press conference heard.

Opposing their captors was "not an option," they said.

And after the 15 marines and sailors were seized they were subjected to random interrogation and rough handling, and faced constant
psychological pressure, they said.

Well, read it all for yourself.

Now will the left shut the f*ck up about Gitmo and Abu Ghraib?

The Islamic fascists clearly mistreated the fifteen hostages. They violated their rights under the Geneva Convention. They violated their human rights. And there wasn't even a formal war.

Will the left now shut up about the Americans making evil jihadists strip and wear panties as hats and other non-violent things? I mean, it was war. The prisoners were legitimate subjects for interrogation. They were actually illegal combatants, criminals, and not protected under the Geneva Convention. They weren't paraded on TV, forced to lie about their comrades in Jihad.

The fifteen Marines were simply doing the job the leftist-exalted "United Nations" mandated. So think about the huge differences.

The Iranians were once again thumbing their stinky thumbs at the UN. Don't leftists realize this? Oh, wait- they haven't been told this, plus they're too stupid to figure it out for themselves. If they figure out the truth, however, eventually... they'll leave the left, as many have been doing and are continuing to do, rather like the twenty-million-strong army of Chinese who have left the Communist Party. Haven't you heard?

Enemies posing as ordinary "liberals" who pretend there's no difference, moral or otherwise, are actually helping the enemies of the Free World. That's why comments on this site are moderated and I don't allow enemy propagandists and useful idiots to throw up smoke and mirrors. Why should I? They already have the mainstream media and other useful idiots marching in the streets, spewing anti-Free World propaganda all the time.

I and others are now fighting back. No more voice for the enemy, nor for its useful idiots who don't care to use their brains at all and will obediently do the bidding of the enemy, whom they believe is one of them and whom they trust unconditionally!

After all, it's war. Indeed, war takes many forms. It doesn't always involve physical force. It involves propaganda operations, and the Free World is quickly awakening to this reality and fighting back.

We're onto the enemy's propaganda operations. We know that they're since decades ago firmly entrenched deep undercover in plain sight, not suspected by our intelligence services, easily infiltrating all over the place, influencing, winning trust via deception, manipulation, disinformation... making innocents do their bidding, effecting their aim of weakening the Free World.

The KGB has been here a long time. There's many, many undercover Communist agents amongst us. And that includes the Chinese as well as the Russians.

It's far, far worse than we've been thinking.

And it will continue to be exposed.

Profiling is going to be used, although it will be invisible to the enemy, so they'll now have to become paranoid... and this paranoia is going to be their undoing!

You know who you are. I suspect you and am watching you. And I'm not alone. So better grab that deodorant stick... your armpits are about to start sweating and stinking a lot more... the smell of fear, you know...

They'll pretend to laugh, to joke about "he's off his meds" and say I'm nuts. But they know I'm right. And the more they throw mud, the more we know they're probably not who they claim. They're either the enemy or the useful idiots. They deal in lies and misinformation. We deal in truth and fact.

That much is clear.