Wednesday, April 25, 2007

End Communism for Human Rights' Sake

Above: Solitary man stands up to the monsters, Tiananmen Square, 1989

'De-Communization' Key to Freedom, Says Human Rights Panel
-The Epoch Times
Story here.
"De-communization" is the formula for promoting freedom and human rights globally, concluded a series of panel discussions at the Human Rights in the Contemporary World conference held in Warsaw, April 20-21.
The event brought together an international group of professors, politicians and activists to highlight issues relating to human rights abuses in the former Eastern Bloc countries and in the Asian dictatorships of China, Vietnam and Burma (Myanmar).
(I'd add Russia to the list- it never actually purged the state apparatus of its old Communists and today is clearly not a part of the Free World at all, denying free speech, freedom of the press, corrupting & fixing their "elections", murdering critics of the state, crushing peaceful demonstrations and being part of the Axis of Evil beyond all reasonable doubt)
The Society for the Freedom of Speech and the Paderewski Institute, both Polish non-governmental organisations promoting freedom and democracy, as well as the Germany-based International Society for Human Rights (ISHR), co-hosted the event.
Special condemnation is made about the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) for its particularly evil, inhuman treatment of people, particularly of those it deems "inconvenient" to the Party, such as dissidents and religious peoples, particularly the peaceful, honest, compassionate and tolerant Falun Gong.
It is also being spoken, without the slightest sense of unreality, by those who know firsthand what's going on (now 21 million Chinese have quit being Communists, giving up the money, benefits and security that come with membership) of the imminent end of the Chinese Communist Party, saying it is "in its last moments".
(CCP propagandist troll Bobby Fletcher's going to get his Commie panties in a knot over this... Bobby, for your own good, defect! You don't have to continue to lie for those red devils any longer. Come to Canada. Defect. Restore your honor.)
Some who've already defected.