Thursday, April 05, 2007

Chinese Commies Interfered in Cdn Sovereign Affairs: Defector

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The Chinese Communists tried to interfere in Canadian domestic matters by trying to prevent a Falun Gong-affiliated TV network from being started on Canadian television.

That despite the fact that the Chinese Commies are fine with with the idea of their own Commie propaganda networks being pushed at Canadians via Canadian TV.

The defector from the Chinese Embassy, herelf a Falun Gong practitioner, has a copy she made of a document to back up her statement.

Interesting how the Chinese Commies are adamant that we stay out of their domestic business but they're so intent on interfering in ours.

Chinese spies must be found and rounded up, detained, tried, punished or deported. So must Russian spies and any other foreign agents whose intent it is to interfere in any way, shape or form in Canadian sovereign affairs. We cannot tolerate covert foreign operations on our soil, as it is a threat to our national security, no doubt.

I advise the evil, imperalist Chinese Communist government to get out of my country. Now. We know you're here and up to no good. That will not be tolerated. Other foreign espionage/propaganda/interference operations are equally condemned and equally intolerable as well and must also consider themselves warned. Canada may seem an easy target, but we're hardening and strengthening, as is the rest of the Free World. We're awakening. We will rise again.