Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Another Violation of Christians' Constitutional Rights

Story here.

This wouldn't have happened to a couple of homosexuals preaching what they had to preach.

But of course, it is intolerable to have Christians assemble peacefully, speak freely and talk about their religion in a public place, according to hypocritical, double-standard leftwing dogma.

...instead of removing students in the crowd who were "acting disorderly," he says the police decided to kick the preachers off campus. According to Marcavage, the chief of police was approached to discuss the matter, but "didn't want to hear any of it."

"Instead he demanded that his officers remove us from the campus," says the Christian activist. But at least one of those officers was hesitant to do that -- and may have paid a price for doing so, says Marcavage. "One officer in particular said no, they have a right to be here and [he] was concerned about violating our civil rights. He was quote-unquote 'relieved of duties,'" he remarks.

Marcavage, who has been arrested in similar incidents in the past, says it was not until he was escorted off campus that he learned Kutztown was celebrating the pro-homosexual observance called "Day of Silence." He contends he had the right to be at Kutztown University because it is one of 14 schools owned or operated by the state of Pennsylvania and thus is a "public forum."

Oh, I see... the University and the Chief of Police put the supposed rights of people known only for the way they have sex (something the Constitution doesn't mention at all) above the rights of persons of faith (religion is protected by the Constitution). Gotcha. So the University and the Chief of Police are fascists who will not tolerate Christians opening their mouths in public about their faith. I mean, it's not as if they were there to hurt anyone. They were just there exercising their Constitutional rights!

Don't count on any prominent leftists, nor the ACLU, to offer these innocent Christians any help in having justice done for the violation of their Constitutional rights.

I guess the left believes in equal rights... as long as Christians aren't the ones enjoying them.

At least, one police officer had the courage to stand up for the Christians' Constitutional rights and was "relieved of duties" for this. Now, that's a righteous man- he'll defend the Constitution even if it means he'll get in trouble for doing so.

We're here. We're Christians. Accept us. Accept that that we, too, have equal rights. Is it really too much to ask??? We're not hurting anyone. We just want to be tolerated like everyone else. What's wrong with that?

I thought "liberals" were supposed to be open-minded, sophisticated, urbane, tolerant, progressive and be staunch defenders of the human rights and Constitutional rights of everyone, without exception. I see I was wrong to believe them when they told me that they were like that. Liars. They're no different than the Nazis, the Communists, the Islamofascists, etc...

Leftists will, of course, come up with excuses for what happened, denying any discrimination whatsoever against Christians. I don't hold my breath for these "liberals" to speak up for the rights of Christians.

The leftists are (generally, at least) no friends of Christians.