Monday, April 09, 2007

What Global Warming? Alaskan Winter Was Extra-Cold

Story here. h/t: Drudge Report

An extra-cold winter on the Alaska Peninsula has frozen sea otters out of the bay and pushed them onto the tundra near Port Heiden where they're easy prey for wolves, humans and hunger.


The animals haven't come ashore in large numbers since 2000, the last time the bay froze(...)

Partially enclosed by spits of land, the bay hardened into a solid surface of ice this winter after a cold spell -- beginning in January and lasting through March -- dropped temperatures to zero and below(...)


(...)similar freeze-outs have been documented since the early 1970s.

Global warming? Not in Alaska, at least. Climate change? What climate change? Not in Alaska. Same old, same old.

That reminds me, it snew in the Canadian Maritimes over the Easter weekend.

And in Texas! Very unusual!

Some "global warming"!

If there's any climate change, it seems to be in the trend towards colder weather!

Algor was saying...?

Dammit! Just look around you! He said catastrophe was coming! Well, where is the first sign? I see nothing worrying at all.

It's a Big Lie. You'll see.