Sunday, April 29, 2007

MacKay To Beijing To Discuss Celil

Huseyin Celil and son

The Conservative Government of Canada is not going to back down.
Notwithstanding Beijing's warning to (ironically, as it IS our business!) "mind our own business", we will continue to raise the matter of Mr. Huseyin Celil, who was wrongly accused, charged and simply, without any evidence whatsoever, sentenced to life in prison for separatist and terrorist connections/activities.

Not only that, Foreign Affairs Minister Peter MacKay will raise the issue of "climate change" with the Communists, who have made China the number one polluting nation on Earth and are accelerating all kinds of emissions, despite the uproar over this sort of thing and the make-Canada-the-scapegoat attitude of the international socialists.

It should prove interesting. Conservatives getting into the Communists' faces... again and again, never backing down from the greedy-as-hell, butcherous beasts of the Chinese Communist Party.
Stand up for human rights. Stand up to evil. Stand up to greedy, unethical, immoral folks.
Be a conservative. That's what we stand for!