Sunday, April 29, 2007

Baird Brushes Off Fraudster Al Gore's False & Hypocritical Fraud Charge

...Like a piece of lint from his sleeve.

Everyone knows Al Gore is a big, fat fraud. It's proven. The case is made. Debate over. Move on.

Seems to be a new sport for the international socialist useful idiots: ambushing John Baird, issuing unfounded, hypocritical accusations at him, either in person or, more cowardly, behind his back to the MSM, like Greedy Greaseball Gore.

But Al Gore nevertheless loves to project his own faults onto others in a futile attempt to cleanse himself of his own glaring faults.

So Canadian Environment Minister John Baird calmly takes the ultra-extreme leftwing, useful idiot, loudmouthed, greedy fat greaseball fraud artist to task.

Minister Baird calmly reminds us all:

"It is difficult to accept criticism from someone who preaches about climate change, but who never submitted the Kyoto Protocol to a vote in the United States Senate (and) who never did as much as Canada is now doing to fight climate change during eight years in office."

After all, Algor's own record in government is even worse than Flippin' Citoyenne Stephane Dion's own: though doing absolutely nothing to prove he means what he says (whether in piss-poor-pathetic English or in arrogant, highfalutin' communist-separatist French), he did get the silly international-socialist brainfart document, "Kyoto Protocol" signed and ratified, not that that in and of itself means fook-all.

Don't expect Greedy Greaseball Gore to issue a rational, non-attacking, non-hypocritical response. Expect him instead to burst a vein in his massive communist's forehead instead and proceed to spit and sputter like a mad professional wrestler!

These moonbats aren't going after Canada's new Conservative government because of environmental issues at all. "The Environment" is merely a convenient red herring.

Nay... the moonbats rip into the Canadian Tories simply because they want to help their comrades, the Liberal$$$ of that dork, Stephane Dion, with their chances in the next election, which are extraordinarily poor, despite what the pollsters and the MSM are trying to make us think.

It's all a vast, leftwing conspiracy to attack the Conservatives simply because they're the Conservatives. The left never did this to the Liberal$$$, even though the Liberal$$$ did absolutely nothing at all for the environment or for that moonbat fantasy of "climate change".

Obviously, everything Conservatives and Republicans do is bad, but everything Liberals and Democrats do is the greatest thing ever, including strangling John Clennett on Flag Day and playing "hide the cigar" in the Oval Office with some booby brunette bimbo...

Too bad, also, that former respectable scientist David Suzuki has jumped on the moonbat bandwagon and is destroying his credibility and integrity faster than the bald-from-head-to-toe Britney Spears herself self-destructed.

Moonbats, eh? Heh-heh!