Friday, April 27, 2007

Liberal Jean LaFleur Guilty of 28 Counts of Fraud

Another crooked Liberal: Jean LaFleur, back from the high life in Costa Rica with his young boyfriend... on the Canadian taxpayers' dime, thanks to his comrades-in-crime, the Liberal$$$!


The Liberal$$$ must be sweating a little harder now. Another of their own has been chopped down!

Story here.

The prosecution will seek a jail sentence.

Don't expect a long one, though. After all, this is Canada, and considering what the Liberal$$$ have done over the years to the "justice" system, he'll be out in no time at all. Clever, eh? They set the system up so that if caught doing criminal stuff, they won't suffer too much.

In related news, another Liberal who went to jail for his part in ADSCAM is now looking forward to getting back into the business that led to his (albeit very, very brief) downfall. I'm sure his Librano brothers will he more than happy to do business with him again!

(Note that the second link is en francais. The English version is an automatic translation and is very moronic-sounding, as if current Liberal head honcho Stephane "No Eengleesh!" Dion wrote it)

Liebrano$$$, eh? One by one by one they fall. Timber, you old bums, timber!