Sunday, April 29, 2007

Chinese Imperialism, Taiwan, the 2008 Olympics

Taiwan Threatens Beijing 2008 Boycott

Taiwan is threatening to boycott the Beijing 2008 Summer Olympic Games if China insults it by treating Taiwan as a Chinese province, the Liberty Times quoted Premier Su Tseng-chang telling parliament Saturday. “Taiwan’s sovereignty must not be downgraded. If China downgrades the Taiwan team’s status by calling it the “China-Taiwan” team, Taiwan will not attend the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games”.

Su said, “Taiwan must attend the Olympic Games as a country or a member of the International Olympic Committee (IOC). Taiwan’s status should not be downgraded.

The threat was made a day after Taiwan rejected the 2008 Olympic torch relay, saying the arrangement of the stop on the route treated Taiwan as part of China, not as a separate country.

Unfortunately, it appears as if Taiwan will likely have to make good on its threat. Just listen to this useful-idiot, CCP-apologist in the IOC, who's essentially telling Taiwan to "quit whining and get with the program":

Kevan Gosper, vice president of the IOC’s co-ordination commission for Beijing, accused Taiwan of ingratitude. He said, “they should go beyond now they feel about their regional position, recognize they have a special place in the Olympic movement, and be gracious about being included in the relay”.

My, but isn't Mr. Gosper quite the ignoramus? Folks like this pleasant fellow also tend to be Dhimmis... Whatever keeps his big, fat paychecks rolling in makes anything just find and dandy for him.


The CCP Is Willing to Attack Taiwan and Implement Fascism to Protect Its Political Power

The CCP is preparing to declare war on Taiwan in 2012, so that it can step into an overtly Fascist (1) state in order to solve the comprehensive crises it is facing today.

Read on to learn more.

h/t: Jana Shearer