Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Moonbat Spotlight: U.S. Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals

A judge's commentary here.

The Ninth Circuit Court in the United States is so radically extreme and deviant with respect to the U.S. Constitution in its leftwing agenda and in its rulings that the Supreme Court of the US (SCOTUS) reverses most of the decisions the corrupt leftist "judges" of the Ninth render.

The liberal agenda of the 9th Circuit is seen in its invention of a constitutional right to assisted suicide and its approval of the use of marijuana for medicinal purposes, even though such use is specifically prohibited by federal law. The 9th Circuit also allowed one public school to teach Islam to elementary students in an effort to promote "diversity," but in another case, it said that students in a public school could not recite the Pledge of Allegiance because the words "under God" were deemed unconstitutional.

See the double standard in the case of the allowance of one school to impose indoctrination in Islam upon students while forbidding the recitation of the Pledge of Allegiance just because it happens to mention God? Clearly from this example alone, the Ninth Circuit is corrupted by leftwing extremist "judges" who apparently rule howsoever they deem no matter what. Unacceptable.

(...)the judges of the 9th Circuit have a liberal agenda
they intend to impose one way or another. Their decisions not only contradict accepted constitutional jurisprudence and pronouncements of the United States Supreme Court, but also disregard traditional social values and fundamental moral principles of our society. Ignoring the true "rule of law," the judges of the 9th Circuit relish being called "free-thinkers" and "independent-minded" by columnists and law professors alike. The 9th Circuit's staff has even helped put together an exhibit honoring the court's "forward thinking" that toured courthouses throughout the circuit a couple of years ago.

Oh, my... clearly this isn't a real court. It's a powerful, fascist, oppressive tool of the radically extreme, "progressive" left masquerading as a "court".

The solution:

The solution to the problem is simple. Rather than burden our high court with wrong decisions by the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals, Congress has the authority to abolish that court altogether and create a new court in its place or divide the circuit into two smaller circuits, thus reducing the reach of its radical decisions. In the alternative, Congress can impeach a few judges for their irresponsibility, holding them accountable for their wayward rulings. Our respect for law and reverence for the Constitution demand that we no longer tolerate the behavior of the judges of the 9th Circuit!

(Emphasis above was mine)

Let this be a warning to all leftwing-activist, corrupt "judges" everywhere! The people will no longer tolerate their dictatorship, oppression, tyranny, nor corruption!

Liberals want to keep these corrupt courts, but the majority do not. Reasonable people who understand the real job of courts want the courts and their judges to simply do their job, nothing more, nothing less, period. Changes to society will not be tolerated by the reasonable majority for very much longer. For the longer such insane rulings, as has come out of the Ninth, are made, the more people will realize that there's a problem with the courts and will demand that their elected representatives cleanse their corruption and radically extreme "progressive" activism. Because, quite simply, the courts are increasingly narrowing their agenda into one general ideological direction, Machiavellianly sugarcoated with hard-hitting, wonderful-sounding, yet meaningless in reality, words such as "progressive", "tolerance", "equality", "diversity", etc., based on the selfish desires of various special interest groups who want to be exalted higher than everyone else.

Courts in the Free World have become arrogant and overly aggressive in a way that ordinary citizens without law degrees can understand to be unconstitutional and beyond the scope of the duties of judges. The Non-Free World must be laughing at us, cackling, rubbing their hands at the deterioration of Free World society, the weakening of the foundation of Free World civilization and the one-by-one chopping-down of Free World values, the very values upon which the Free World was built and upon which it became strong. The Free World is unfortunately becoming weak, thanks to submission to the neoMarxist, fascist left, who clearly sides with the Non-Free World on pretty much every major issue.

Judicial decisions must therefore be scrutinized for bias and corruption. And biased, corrupt judges must be impeached for their professional misconduct... and for, dare I declare, treason!

Judges must serve all people, not just the ones they like, and stick to the Constitutions and the laws as they're written, period.

And, might I add... the courts in Canada must be subject to such scrutiny... and potential reformation... as in the United States, for Canada's courts do have similar problems with corrupt leftwing activist judges.